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Canadian Peregrine Foundation » A golden opportunity to band the lettle fledgling,, named “Singleton” He’s back on the nest ledge in his parents care!

!!! A golden opportunity to band the lettle fledgling,, named “Singleton” He’s back on the nest ledge in his parents care!

July 09, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

July 9th - 2016
While we always hope that the young peregrine never come to the ground and need to be rescued,, we have long since learned that this is not the case. With the larger percentage of the fledglings (at least here in southern Ontario) that have to deal with the tall hi-rises, its impossible for most of them to get back to their nest ledges on the first couple of tries.

As in this case with the little fledgling down at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel nest site. Only this time, it has worked out for everyones benefit! The little fledgling now named “Singleton” was banded this morning courtesy of Mark Heaton from the OMNRF. Mark and I met this morning at 10am at the TWC where Singleton spent the night.

Singleton was banded Y over 30 without a fuss although I must admit, little singleton is in fact quite little, weighing in just 410 grams at intake. You would think that with two attending adults and only one hatchling to care for that this little guy would be much heavier with all of the attention from two experienced parents.

in any case, despite his low weight, he is never the less, quite healthy and with a very feisty attitude! His x-rays and physical examination proved that he is uninjured. Singleton was both fed and rehydrated last night and again this morning and leaves us today recharged and at home with both parents in view and quite aware of his location.

I returned him back to the Toronto Sheraton nest ledge and his parents this afternoon without incident. Meeting with Linda, Bruce and Tracy, Singleton was released back onto the nest ledge at the perfect time, while both of his parents were present on the ledge.

Singleton was released on the nest ledge at the far end of the nest ledge (in behind the old web camera) so as not to disturb or scare the adults off the ledge. As soon as Singleton appeared in their view, the chatting begun between his mom and him. Moments later, Singleton charges his mom screaming for food and attention (despite having a semi-full crop), and had Rea fly off the ledge.

Tiago on the other hand, hunkered down at the opposite end of the nest ledge on the back end of the nest tray directly under the live web cam. I guess that he couldn’t deal with all of Singletons screaming and Tiago eventually left the ledge himself leaving the fledgling on the nest alone.

See attached photos.