!!! The watch updates.

June 17, 2017 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

June 11th to 13th 2017

Islington Bloor centre brief update. Appollo was the first to fly of the four boys and took flight yesterday staying high and doing well. He flew to Kingsway on the park and stayed there for a while but on his return to the nest ledge came up short. He flew around the building and ended up on the mezzanine level. That’s where he spent the night last night. This morning he took flight and came down at the front entrance of the Kingsway on the park. There he was rescued and placed in the carrier. A little later today Falk took flight and he managed to slip away unseen. Both parents were indicating that he had ended up down on the mezzanine level and that is where we believe he currently stands. We will be back at dawn to continue the search for him tomorrow. Charlie and Lashay remain unfledged.

slington Bloor centre update. Apollo has flown from the roof of the nest building where I released him last night and is on the west tower. Falk was also located this morning at the base of the centre tower on the mezzanine level. He unfortunately has had a tragic strike with the centre tower and he did not survive. RIP Falk. The last two boys are still on the next ledge and we expect a fledge soon.

Islington Bloor centre update from yesterday. Bruce opened the watch at dawn and was unable to find Falk anywhere. We had Appollo up on the roof where he was released and two still on the ledge. Apollo made a few flights yesterday but the parents were spending time and paying attention to the mezzanine area. Rob came in and took over for Bruce in the morning and during his walk about he was able to locate Falk on the mezzanine area. Rob went up and recovered him as he had obviously struck the building and his strike was fatal. Lucie came in and took over watching for Rob and had Apollo over on the Moneris building where he was sitting comfortably up on the roof level and still to unfledged juveniles on the ledge. At some point during the high heat of the day Apollo jumped down onto the roof of the west tower and that is where he stayed for the day. He did not reappear by the evening and both Lashay and Charlie have yet to fly. Bruce will be back at dawn to check for Apollo and watch our two yet to fledge.