!!! Camera / internet is down at Toronto Sheraton nest site … we’re working on….. No peregrine observations on the nest ledge!!!

March 26, 2019 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

March 28th - 2019

Sadly, we have no updated information on the Toronto Sheraton peregrines,, as the time so far that we have spent there working on the camera and internet challenges, we have NOT seen any activity of the birds on the nest ledge! :-(( It has not been very encouraging news at all!!!! This is NOT to say that the birds are not there,, but we have not seen anything to report as yet………. Fingers crossed that they have been aloof and just not active on the nest ledge when have been there….

It’s been a very frustrating season opener for sure again this year with all of the camera’s and the internet challenges that we’ve been experiencing !! As you know,, with the usual limited resources and support, we are as per the norm, dealing with the typical hiccups and challenges with the technology that takes time to fix. Each site takes allot of man hours and time, especially with having do deal with the technology,, let alone dealing with the variety of logistics that each site presents.

The good news for the Toronto Sheraton nest camera, is that most everything is inside the building and very accessible (including the camera), so all of our work and activities does not involve nest ledge access , thus there is absolutely no disturbance to the birds. :-))

So it’s back to the basics, time in, feet and eyes on the street, allot of running around and hanging out once you get there to get some sound observations….

Time is always the issue with so many nest sites to visit and get update on,,,,,, getting the time to go, the travel time involved to and fro, parking and gas costs and with limited manpower to actually spend the time in the field doing the observations once you get there and staying long enough to get something useful,, it’s always a challenge. So please bear with us,, as its going to take us some time to get everything fixed and updated, especially to get all of the site visits in.

Stay tuned….. we’re getting there………