Some confusing news to report from the Etobicoke nest site at Bloor & islington…

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Mark Nash Reports:

Friday March 29th - 2019

Unfortunately we have some mixed news and updates to report from the Etobicoke nest site at Bloor & Islington nest site.

The good news,,, is at least there is a pair that is very visible and quite territorial at the Bloor & Islington nest site. Both adults were observed on the nest ledge, with one adult standing in the nest tray itself and the other roosting on the top of the internal nest ledge camera housing during my visit. Both adults seemed to be quite relaxed and content to soak up the afternoon sun and enjoy the warm mild temps this afternoon. This in comparison to the chilly windy temps that we have been experiencing over the past weeks!

The afternoon sun and warm temps were very soothing indeed, and with absolutely no wind to chill anything down, even I didn’t want to leave my rooftop elevation! It was incredibly relaxing!! Neither of the two adults seemed to be very interested or concerned at my presence from the adjacent rooftop, as they both remained in their roosting spots on the nest tray and camera housing throughout my entire visit. I didn’t even get a scolding or even a second look! It did appear that they had other things on their minds,, (each-other) :-))

The unusual and somewhat disturbing news is that there was a peregrine egg clearly visible on the concrete portion of the nest ledge itself,, (several feet away from and outside of the nest tray), with neither adults showing any interests in the abandoned egg. Incredibly, the egg was perfectly intact!!

    The not so good news,

: despite all of my efforts to try and restart the the nest cameras, sadly I was unable to get either of the cameras back on line to produce and up-load a live image :-(

It looks like its going to take the technicians and good folks at Daymar and their expertise to get things back up / online and running again. The new digital security cameras that they installed for us several season ago that replaced our older 1997 analog nest cam are far more sophisticated for me to deal with, especially without the specialized electronic equipment needed to deal with this type of challenge.

We have contacted Daymar and advised them that we have some challenges with the cameras and in need of their assistance….
Stay tuned…. we will get the camera’s back online soon……..

Until then,, its back to the old way of doing things,,, you remember,, the basics….. feet and eyes in the street, bins at hand… and time in!