!!! Bloor & Islington down on eggs - full time incubation!!

April 10, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

April 10th -2019

A huge thank you to Daymar Security for all of their time and efforts dealing with the Etobicoke nest camera issues!

The good news is that both of the camera’s are working just fine, producing a great hi-res colour video stream as they were intended to do,, and have been since they were installed!

The not so good news is that it appears that the problems are with the internet service, as the internet service has been disrupted, thus the reasons that the camera’s are unable to send out any live images to the CPF web site and the Etobicoke nest site pages!

We are not sure yet if the problem lies with the modem or the actual internet service itself,, but at least we know that both nest cams are functioning and working fine!

We have contacted the building management group and asked them to further investigate as this falls outside of both Daymar’s and our control…

Hopefully, we will be back live soon…..

As a teaser and update, I was able to snap a couple of photos with my camera phone from Daymar’s laptop when they plugged directly into the camera’s network cables and was able to see the real-time live video streams from the each of the camera’s.
I must apologize for the terrible photos, but please remember that they were taken from a computer screen…

The resident adult female was down hard on the nest tray in full time incubation duties and the resident adult male was roosting on the upper ledge just above her. All seems to be well….

Stay tuned……………