!!! Oshawa Lakeridge Health - first egg!

April 01, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

April 1st - 2019

Great news reported from the Oshawa Lakeridge Health Care centre (Oshawa Lakeridge hospital),, in that there is now an egg in the nest box as of this morning, and likely due to the terrible cold and snowy weather,, (YES, MORE SNOW fell this past weekend) :-( the resident adults have been down hard in incubation duties on this egg!

Late Saturday night after an all day of freezing rain event, we had another several centimeters of snow fall fall in southern Ontario, and with the blustery cold winds and freezing temperatures, it stayed on the ground! Sunday morning looked like full blow winter had returned!!

As of this posting, (Monday April 1st) midday, we are still far below seasonal temps and the lingering snow is still on the ground!

It has at least stopped snowing,,, and the temps will be climbing to +3 degrees Celsius. We’re told that is could get to a whopping +4 degrees celsius as a high today by late this afternoon…. STILL VERY CHILLY INDEED!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

While we know that the egg was laid sometime after March 27th as it was clearly visible via the live nest camera this morning (April 1st) when everyone got back in to work this morning. Our guess is that given there is only one egg so far,, it was probably laid sometime this late Saturday or Sunday March 29th/30th.