!!! The 18 King Street Toronto nest may be active again!!

April 04, 2019 - Toronto - King Street

Mark Nash Reports:

April 3rd - 2019
We may have some great news to report from the 18 King Street nest building at King and Victoria in downtown Toronto!
Once again after talking to Linda Woods, it might appear that they peregrines just might be nesting on the old 18 King Street nest building again!!

After compiling and reviewing her observation notes from the past few months, and applying them to what she is now seeing, it might appear that the peregrine activity she has been watching over the last few months just might indicate that they are nesting on the west side of the old 18 King Street nest building!

Storman,, the long standing male resident adult peregrine that was Erin’s long time mate at this site, has never left the territory, and has been active on the 18 King Street building over the past seasons despite Erin’s disappearance (and likely death due to very senior age of more than 19 years old)…..

Over the past weeks, Linda’s has been monitoring both Storman and a new “lady friend” that has been a mainstay there with him for weeks now. Most recently, Linda has been seeing only one peregrine at a time, (but seeing both throughout off and on),, and that usually spells some good news!!

As you know, at breeding time,, when you have a committed / bonded adult pair on territory, and in particular, hanging around on a potential nest site,, it usually spells good news when you just start seeing only one bird at a time,, (but still seeing both birds)…… as this usually spells eggs and incubation activities are underway!!! :-)

At breeding time, when the adult birds hormones are raging,,, mother nature tells them do find a mate!! We have long since known that the boys don’t hang around long (nor do the girls for all that matter) without the opposite sex being there!
Its breeding season don’t you know,,, and their hormones and mother nature dictates and rules!!

While the east ledges at the 18 King Street nest site are showing only minimal peregrine activity, the west side of the building has a carbon copy series of ledges,, and we already know, that Pounce-Kingsley and the Victoria (the very first peregrines to nest on the 18 King Street nest building) did go to the west site of the building one year and produced offspring on one of those ledges.

That year (for Kingsley and Victoria), there was increased human activity with ongoing rooftop repairs on the east elevations of the nest building, and as such the birds obviously felt threatened, and simply moved to the west side ledges where they were away from the human rooftop activities. Once the roof was completed,, they moved back into the original nest ledge on the east side the following year, and again produce offspring that season.

The difficulty for us now, is trying to get a good look at the west side upper elevations and these west facing ledges of the 18 King Street building, as the office buildings are so close together, its very difficult to get a look “up” from the ground level to see these upper ledges,, let alone see into them!

Storman has been constantly observed roosting on leading edge of a rooftop across the street that puts him in a direct line-of sight to the west upper ledges of the King Street building! Hmmmm…… and there is an adult female peregrine being constantly observed with him……….

We will investigate much further in the next days to follow…….
Stay tuned……