!!! Toronto Sheraton web cam back up and running! 4 EGGS!!!

April 15, 2019 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

April 15th - 2019
A big thank you to the Toronto Sheraton IT department and Danial, our new web master for all of their support today in getting our Toronto Sheraton web camera up and running, as we now have the camera back on producing !! Surprise, surprise,,, 4 eggs!!!!

As it would seem to be the norm these days with our nest webcams issues,, the problem was again,, NOT the camera itself,, but the internet connections internally.

The not so good news, is that we have misplaced the camera’s login and password,, so sadly, we could not change the camera’s day and date stamp :-( and as such, we will have to live with the wrong date stamp on the updated images until we can get into the camera’s programming menu to make the changes there.

During the several hours that we were on site, I was able to take a few looks throughout the afternoon through our secret “peep-hole”,,, and much to my surprise,, it was the smaller adult male doing all of the incubation duties,, and he never moved all afternoon! The incubating male looked alot like Storman! But sorry, no bands were identified during this visit…… So only time will tell as to his true identity….

Once again,, at no point did we ever see the resident adult female, anywhere at anytime…. ???
So the mystery gal still remains an unknown……..

I was able to snap a quick photo this evening and got a decent shot of 4 eggs in the nest tray.