Doha finally flies and it’s a beauty!!

June 16, 2019 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

I arrived early to find Doha right where I left her-on the pole!  And her brothers were watching over her too–so sweet! First RZ hopped off and flew over her and around the blue building and went and chased Dad off the corner of 225.  Then Matrix flew off and around her, almost like saying, here this is how you do it!!  He and his brother then flew off chasing and playing.  Sally joined me then.  We settled in, hoping it wouldn’t be an all day thing again!  The boys joined Doha on the wires, just for a moment(I grabbed my camera but RZ had flown off by the time I took the pic!)  They are adorable!!  I will let Sally report on the rest of our watch:

Sally reports:

I joined Cathy at 8:15 this morning, already knowing via Cathy’s text that DoHa was still on the hydro pole.
She assessed the buildings around her, and flew around 9am. An effortless flight, gaining altitude quickly and landing almost like a pro on the roof of the nest building. Cathy and I high-fived and did a happy dance lol.
We sat down and watched to see where she’d go next. Cathy had a feeling she’d fly east and make for 240 Duncan Mill Rd and that’s exactly what she did. Another fabulous flight! Now she could see Quest above her. A couple more fabulous flights (still landing on the same building after circling out and trying different spots to land). Her brothers flew over, and Cathy and I moved our chairs for a closer view.
She and her brother got fed, and after consulting with Marion it was decided we could move to spot checks. She is flying great! Spot checks will help us track her progress and hopefully she will be careful as her brothers show her their new locations and try and engage in aerial antics.
Finishing much earlier than we expected to, we took advantage of the time and did another drive around to various buildings and back parking lots, and all the areas that can be hard to access during a busy work day, checking for Bobak.  No luck.
Sundays are wonderful for fledge watching in the suburbs! Today was also the perfect day for DoHa to fly. No wind to battle.
Our relief at 3 flying well was boosted by news of the missing Sheraton chick, BonVoy. It renewed our hope that maybe, just maybe Bobak will appear very soon.
Cathy :
And now our watch has ended.  We will be doing spot checks to see how our family is doing.  I want to thank the building  management and security at 220 Duncan Mills for all their support…it makes for a much nicer watch with all their help!  I also want to thank the team-Sally, Lucie, Bob,Mark and Marion–these 3 juvies would not be flying and doing so well without our fledge watch team!!  This was a tough ending, we spent hours looking for Bobak  to no avail…it is always so hard losing one.  I still hold out some hope that she will find her way home, it has happened before!!  Fingers crossed..
Stay high little ones!!