ETOBICOKE UPDATE: Reported By Cathy Kerr

June 23, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Lucie,Tracy & I were joined this afternoon by Mark & Marion to watch our family. Lucie and I positioned ourselves to watch over Avro who was still on the billboard, while Mark & Marion settled to watch our girl Bliss and Tracy attempted to leave to join Bruce downtown. I had just left Lucie to find my misplace wallet, when Lucie radioed! Avro had left the billboard but just landed on the back of the building. I headed back to the watch the front and out he popped and started walking down the building rooftops along Bloor street. Lucie joined me and we watched him get to the end of the row…He looked around, walked to the back and front again..and took off…well kinda jumped and flew slightly and down he came over one lane, two lanes…lower and lower…a car was coming-I remember yelling at it, not to hit my bird(!!) and it just missed him!!! Out onto the road we went-arms up stopping traffic! He stopped in the middle of the road, Lucie was in front, me in back-I said get him Lucie(she was closest) but the thing about a bird that has been rescued once, they remember…and as soon as Lucie raised that towel, he was off!! Hopping, skipping, half flying…We were so worried a car would get him!! But he hit the ground and the chase was on!! Oh my what a sight we must have been…two women chasing a bird down Bloor St.!!! He stopped a couple of times and turned and bolted the opposite way when we tried to towel him. Ugh. When we finally got him, Lucie got her towel over his back end(almost somersaulting over him lol) and I got my towel over his head as he flipped over and started hissing..and we had him! Whew. I gently gathered him up and handed him to Lucie…Then realized that traffic was slowing inching around us–omg we are still on the road lol!! The people on the patio of the local bar had a front row seat lol–they did call out and ask us what kind of bird we had !! Omg an audience ….oh well , maybe not the prettiest rescue, but we got him! Mark and Tracy met us at this point(Tracy had been in her car, heading to Bruce). They checked him over, all good! Off Tracy went and into a crate for a short rest for Avro! He’s a fiesty one that’s for sure!! Mark put him back up on the roof shortly after. In no time he was up and looking around! His siblings both came to visit–a lovely family reunion! Dad brought food, which Avro snatched and started chowing down on but his lovely sis Bliss came and the tug of war was on!!! She won. lol. Then Mom came with a package, and flew around with it, encouraging them to fly. Aires and Bliss obliged right away. And then Avro was off!! And he flew beautifully too!! Lots more flights–Aires and Bliss are doing amazing!! But Avro’s last flight,maybe just one too many, had him miss the roof, touch off the building and he disappeared from our sight between the buildings. We think he might be the fledgling that ended up high on a glass ledge but it was dark and we could not id. But he had been doing so well that we have high hopes that Rob will find all three high and well in the morning!! It is very late and I have to work in the morning lol…I am attaching a few pictures, not the greatest, just from my camera…Lucie will share her great pics at a later date! Another long post from me…Night all