Tracy Reports

June 13, 2019 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

MEC STUCK LIKE GLUE AND DRAGO TOO. - Was kind of hoping for Drago to make his way home today but that was wishful thinking on my part. When Bruce arrived Drago had left the building that we had last seen him on at Robert Speck and Burnhamthorpe but was not “home” yet. The adults when they flew out would head southeast towards his last known location but Bruce couldn’t get eyes on him. Not to worry though as he is doing amazing and being fed like he hadn’t eaten for a year. Amanda was back up on MEC 3 and I’m sure was just elated to be there…again. She would watch the parents fly out to the south and I’m sure she could see her sibling but was not motivated to do anything about it. From Bruce’s report, she spent the day doing more napping than flapping. She was fed in the morning and then nothing for hours which had us hoping she would take her next flight but the parents were either off attending to Drago or back home without food and so Amanda had a slug day. She was fed again later in the afternoon and what a feed it was. A huge pigeon that filled her up quite nicely and then back down on her belly for some z’s. Another huge meal came in not that long after the last big chow down and it was clear she was not destined to fly today. Winston came down and relieved Bruce while I was out counting heads (see Osler post) and Winston reported much of the same. Amanda was chillin’ but that was about it. Hopefully tomorrow brings on some action from Amanda and a homecoming for Drago. Thank you to Bruce and Winston for handling the day today. Much appreciated.