William Osler fledge watch reports in order

June 16, 2019 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Marion Nash Reports:

WILLIAM OSLER WATCH - It started without me. Of the four chicks on the ledge, at least two are boys and they were out the gate before the watch officially began!! We were so busy with Amanda and Drago that we were struggling to get out to Osler and so Rob stopped in for us to take a looksee. Oh boy. One on the roof of the hospital already and he wasn’t really sure about the other three. So on Wednesday evening I went down to check it out and for sure not one but two of the kids had successfully fledged. Not only were they both on the roof but they were in and out of the tower, in and out of the ledge and in general all over the place. A checkmark for both of them. I found the other two still on the ledge and clearly unfledged. I stayed until dark and all had settled. Last night I pulled in to find the same situation. Two on the roof and two on the ledge. I believe the two on the ledge are females. Suddenly one of the girls gets it into their head that flying looks like fun and takes off. The flight was excellent and even though they had to all but throw themselves onto the roof to come to a landing, they were up high safe and sound. Another flight by the newly fledged female and this time it ended with the young one doing the “bat”, hanging on the concrete wall just below the roofline. Chessie came over and helped out by swooping up repeatedly beside the fledgling to encourage her up. So up the wall she crawled to the rooftop. Her third flight just before dark ended up with her halfway up the tower on a thin rail she had a hard time balancing on. That’s where she stayed for the night. Rob was in this morning and not only had she gotten up to the roof, so had the final young one! All four have now fledged and its a matter of making sure the two females are up to snuff with their landings and flights. Great news so far!

OSLER UPDATE - a quick check before heading to MEC for Amanda’s release. By tomorrow night all 4 juveniles will be check marks and watch will be scaled back is my prediction. Amazing.

WILLIAM OSLER UPDATE - I was going to write this last night and fell asleep about three sentences in so thought it best to write this today. I can happily say that the William Osler fledge watch is officially scaled back to spot checks now. All four juveniles were out and about yesterday and the two recent fledges were all over the map. They were elated to finally be in the air with their brothers and were going from building to building, rooftop to tower, tower to ledge…like I said, everywhere!! Landings are still being perfected as we speak but the danger of coming down looks to have passed. Thank you William Osler Hospital for being such great hosts for the peregrine family! Also, thank you so much to security for being so helpful and accommodating as well as the staff of this great site. Another great year for Chessie and Casper!!