July 03, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Published by Tracy Simpson · 20 hrs ·

I just wrote a decently long post on this site and my internet bugged out and I lost it. I’m not amused so here is the Coles notes. Raptorette flew several times and made it up to Rio Can roof but when she took her next flight she was chased by her brothers in play and she freaked out. She flew due west out of sight and hasn’t returned yet. We are not concerned that she is grounded but it may take her a day to get back. Haven brought in a pigeon for the boys at dusk and thought it was a perfect line up for Spicy P to take a food transfer. Well, in reality he grabbed it off of her. He came down in the area of the Theater roof at 2190 Yonge between the Can Sq. and Can Tire towers out of my view. I was really worried at dark as I hadn’t seen him come up from that and it was a really heavy package for him. I cleared the ground around the whole Canada Square block before I lost all my light and I couldn’t see him down. I left not knowing much and I don’t like that at all so I’m going to bed. Bruce will be in tomorrow morning and I will post what he finds right away. Let’s all wish these kids well as they are driving us nuts!!!