2 boys for St. Mary’s Cement in St Mary’s Ontario

June 05, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Today was banding day for St. Mary’s Cement chicks. There where 2 male chicks both healthy and of good weight. The chicks were 30 and 31 days old.
Tara and her team got up up to the tower to the nest site and watched out backs keeping the adults off Mark while the chicks were extracted. Anne Yagi and I set up the banding table in a small mechanical room at the nest level. When the chicks were brought in Mark warned that they were grabby and feisty and that they were the first one Anne picked out of the carries grabbed and ripped her glove.

Once we had the chicks in hand they calmed down and both were weighed and banded.

The first weighed 649 grams at 30 days old his band number is 21 over AW named The Rock.
The Second chick also a male weighed 703 grams at 31 days old and his band is 22 over AW named Pebbles.
Both chicks had a full crop of food so their weight would be 35 to 40 grams less.

Photos of banding to come.