September 02, 2020 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has posted a falconry proposal for public comment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO 019-1806). The proposal will expand the falconry wild take by eliminating the draw and adding goshawks.

They have already approved the take of one of the following species, Red Tailed hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk and Merlin by Ontario falconers.

CPF does not agree with the take of any wild raptor regardless of species status wildlife should not be taken from the wild for sport. If you feel the same as we do please, please make your opinion and comments know by responding to the OMNRF public comment registry before October 8th 2020 deadline.

Lets keep our wild birds of prey flying free as they were meant to be! please share this information to your friends.

You can read and respond to the proposal here: https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-1806