!!! Burlington Banding success! 2 males and 1 female! All very fiesty indeed!!!!!

May 25, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

May 25th - 2015
Todays banding went very well indeed despite the feisty attitude of the three young hatchlings! While this is only the third banding so far this season, these three hatchlings were just down and outright nasty with LOTS of attitude!! Actually, just the way we like to see them!!!

Just couldn’t have handled them without gloves!!! The two males weighed in at 676 grams and 666 grams, with the larger female weighing in at 975 grams!
So we have the female named Stella - banded K over 24 with Yellow Tape, Wellington banded B over 10 with Red Tape, and finally little Lucifer - banded B over 11 with Blue tape - (guess who weighted 666 grams) :-)

While up in the tower, I was able to get another close look at the resident adult male, and was able to reconfirm his band number Black 29 over Y

A big thank you to Clare and Jerry at the bridge and the PWGSC for accommodating and hosting the banding with all of the construction and limited access.

With the hatchlings clocking in at 26 to 28 days old, we can expect that they should be fledging and taking their first flights sometime in the next 6 to ten days.
Its going to be a very interesting watch indeed this year with 10 bandings still to complete between now and over the next three weeks.
Stay tuned for photos to follow.

Three hatchlings confirmed!! Some great photos!!

May 19, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

May 19th - 2015
A huge thank you to Scott at the Burlington Lift bridge and PWGSC recent photos that they were able to capture through the nest box “beep-hole” and send to us. So we can officially confirm that there are three hatchlings in the nest box! All looks very well indeed!
Looking forward to banding and seeing them all on May 25th!

!!! Burlington Lift Bridge banding booked and confirmed for May 25th at 11am

May 14, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 14th - 2015
Just a quickly update on the banding schedule for Burlington. We have been able to book and secure a banding date of Monday May 25th at 11am.
Due to the ongoing bridge maintenance and all of the restricted and limited space around the bridge, its going to be a very quick process indeed.
We will post the any additional news and updates as its become available.
Stay tuned…….

!!! Burlington Lift Bridge has two new family members! We have a hatch!!

April 30, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

CPF Postmaster Reports:

April 30th-2015

Congratulations are in order for sure to both Burlington, al the great folks at the lift bridge and PWGSC, as we have just received great news from the PWGSC and the guys at the Burlington Lift Bridge. The most recent photos taken on April 30th through the peephole in the backside of the nest box clearly show that two of the four eggs have hatched!

The most recent observation and photo updated, also confirmed what we had all suspected , but were unable to confirm, in that there was in fact 4 eggs!

Fingers crossed that the other two eggs are successful in hatching!

!!! No hatch as yet,, but should be soon!

April 22, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

April 22nd - 2015
A big thank you to Scott and PWGSC for checking in on the peregrines for us and sending us some of the photos taken through the peep-hole in the side of the nest box. While we can not confirm that there has been a hatch as yet, we can confirm that mom is looking pretty good and still remains down hard on her incubation duties.
She wasn’t giving much up, but did briefly give Scott a very quick look at two of her unhatched eggs.

Stay tuned………

Incubation is Underway

March 24, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:

As of Sunday Or Monday full time incubation is underway.  Cirrus is down in her usual spot at the back of the box.

!!! Two eggs confirmed!!

March 23, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Mark Nash Reports:

March 23rd - 2015
A quickly update to Bill and Sue’s earlier observation and suspicions based on the peregrines behaviour that the Burlington Lift Bridge peregrines have laid eggs.

We have just moments ago had a confirmation from the staff down at the Burlington Lift bridge that the peregrines are in fact currently on two eggs!

Congratulations are in order for sure for all!
Stay tuned………….

Mating Season is in Full Swing

March 08, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:

Sunday March 8, 2015

+1 C / 33 F      12:30 PM     Sunny and clear

Monday, March 9, 2015

+4 C / 39 F    10:00 AM      Sunny and clear

Finally, above zero degrees for 2 days in row.  The canal is no longer frozen over.  Just the odd ice flow is making its way out to the lake.  The water birds are once again busy diving for food and the Trumpeter Swans are visiting daily so they can drink and bath.  YAH!!!

Cirrus and Mackenzie are very busy in and around the nest box.  Cirrus is not straying too far.  Mackenzie is in the box working on the scrape while Cirrus is standing watch from the corner of the nest box.  There is a fair bit of calling going on between the two and lots of mating taking place.  When will be have our first egg???

We were able to confirm Cirrus’ band number but have not been able to confirm that Mackenzie is the male.  We are working on it.  Cirrus is now 9 years old being born in Dayton, Ohio in 2006 and Mackenzie was born in Etobicoke, Ontario in 2009 making him 6 years old this year.

Keeping our fingers crossed for a successful nesting this year.

3-8-15 Cirrus Steals from Mackenzie 3-8-15 Mating 3-9-15 Mating 3-9-15 Mating

!!! Intruders beware!! This air space is still a no-fly zone!!!

February 16, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

CPF Postmaster Reports:

February 16th - 2015
Well, if you ever thought that the resident peregrines at the Burlington lift bridge nest site were not aggressive at this time of year, think again! A call from the Burlington Lift Bridge staff yielded some updated news on their resident adult peregrines that have been quite active over the winter months.

Today, despite the record bitter cold temps and blustery winds, there were battles going on down in Burlington at the Burlington lift bridge. Sadly, a Red-tailed hawk ventured toooo close to the territory and the resident peregrines acted with lightning speed in dispatching the poor Red-tailed hawk.

As a result, the Red-tail hawk was injured and grounded by the resident peregrines, and the quick action of the Bridge master in getting emergency help from the local Animal Control may have resulted in saving the Red-tails life. The Hamilton Animal control responded and retrieved the injured Red-tail despite it being a provincial holiday.

While we have not had any news as yet as to injured Red-tails disposition and fate, it was rescued safely due in part to the quick action of the Burlington Lift Bridge - Bridge master and the local animal control! These guys are great!!!

Spring is in the Air

January 16, 2015 - Burlington - Lift Bridge

Sue McCreadie Reports:

Despite the cold windy day, Bill took himself off to the Lift Bridge to see what he could see.  Both Cirrus and Mackenzie were very visible. We have not been able to positively identify them as yet this year but we are working on it.

The mating ritual has begun.  Mackenzie seemed to be working on the scrape inside the nest box while Cirrus watched from the corner. I guess he is trying to prove to her that he will be a good provider again.  You can see the tip of his head and his yellow beak in the photo below.

There appeared to be something in the area that was upsetting them and both birds took off and climbed until they were just specks in the sky, kakking as they went.  Nothing could be seen with the naked eye.  Several times they took off  towards Burlington in hot pursuit of something that couldn’t be seen.

I’m sure there will be lots to report in the days to come.

Mackenzie works on the scrape Mackenzie takes off Cirrus surveys her domain