Camera is up and running.

December 02, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Although there were some challenges getting the Falcon camera back up and running we are very happy to say its back! Here are a couple screen shots.

!!! Wtobicoke’s Falcon Cam is Back

November 13, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Finally, we are back up!! Yaaah!! Thank you to all for your support, patience, and understanding with this. After all was said and done, the final problem was with the DLink router/switch that needed to be reprogrammed for the new settings to deal with the Rogers settings.

The CPF webmaster was then able to reconfigure the final settings at the server end and it appears that everything is working again!
Once again, a huge thank you to Frieda and CBRE management,, Damar Security and Daniel at the CPF for all of their efforts and support in getting us through this challenge!

Despite the few hiccups over the past 22 years with camera changes and a couple of power outages and some computer challenges, the Etobicoke peregrine web camera remains the longest-standing, continuous running active peregrine web camera (and active/occupied, and producing nest nest site) in North America!

The Etobicoke Bloor and Islington nest camera(s) have been active (and for the most parts) been up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the past 22 years! The Bloor and Islington nest site has been both active and been producing offspring each and every year since 1997!
The Bloor and Islington nest site has been a very important part of the restoration and recovery of Ontario’s peregrine population with the surviving generations of offspring that has gone on to produce their own offspring in five different cities in two provinces here in Canada and four US states in the USA!
Once again,, thank you ALL for your support!!

Bliss no longer with us

August 11, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Bliss band number Z 29 was spotted in a construction in the Distillery district on the ground with a broken beak. CPF got the call and Bruce went out to try to find her. Her wings were not broken or fractured and she was able to fly so although he tried he could not find her anywhere. Bruce then whent to the nest site hoping she may come home but she did not. Some kindly person did find her and took her into Toronto Wildlife but she was so malnourished she was just skin and bone and her beak was very badly broken. TWC made the decision to put her down. Sad but at least she is not longer suffering.

Bloor and Islington July 20th spot check

July 20, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Posted by Lucie

I waited about 10 minutes before the hot, sticky weather got to me. But as I was about to get in the car, I heard loud vocals and saw one of the juvies make an awesome landing on Dad, Lucky’s, favourite perch on the webcam. Wow, it was AVRO!! This landing is a big step for these kids as it demonstrates their skill level, which keeps getting better!

All 3 of these juvies have also been doing something that is very rare at this site. They are flying down to the two-storey Bell Building across the street. They land on the roof and play in the puddles!! Bliss, who has never been down this low, was seen with them. I can’t get photos from where am positioned on the street unfortunately ☹️ I drew a line from the nest ledge to the roof to give you an idea where they go.

Needless to say, we have grown very attached to these 3 amazing kids and through rain, shine or sweat .. I will definitely keep watching! Cheers, Lucie

All is well at Bloor/Islington Report by Lucie

July 12, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Although this morning got off to a scary start! I got a text message from Rob that one of the kids might have hit the glass then veered off to the park north of Aberfoyle (the street on the north side of the three towers). I headed over asap, hoping that we weren’t looking for a dead bird. Bruce and Kathy were in the park watching AVRO, who was sitting on a hydro tower and not appearing to be injured .. whew!!!

Rob joined us and once we saw AVRO was okay, he showed me where D’ARCY was sitting in a nearby tree. The sound of agitated birds can be a great compass to locating their predator. She was perched not that high, possibly getting some shade or hunting .. either way, it’s a nice spot over Mimico Creek. This creek flows down to Humber Bay, D’ARCY’s former residence and a favourite go-to place for her and LUCKY.

After Rob and Kathy left, Bruce and I watched AVRO preening, getting harassed by the swallows, and I imagine, contemplating his next move. Sure enough, he took off towards the nest building. By the time we walked over to Eagle Road, AVRO and ARIES were back to their usual shenanigans and joined by BLISS. What a happy sight!! But the mystery remains .. was it AVRO that hit the glass or another bird??

The activity stopped before noon, but I stuck around for a bit anyway. There is very little that I do before I have my morning coffee .. this is an exception. Cheers, Lucie


July 07, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Sunday’s spot check was nothing short of breathtaking! The spectacular ‘air show’ was non-stop during our 45-minute stay. Everyone was all over the place that I couldn’t keep track of who I was watching until I looked at my photos later. And the weather was fantastic for all this activity!

Twice-rescued ARIES, thrice-rescued AVRO and their sister BLISS, who has never come to ground, are all amazing flyers and a joy to watch. Even the parents were in on the action, and I managed to get a photo of a food transfer between LUCKY and BLISS.

These photos are in no particular order. Enjoy! Cheers, Lucie

Successful release of “Avro” (Blue tape)!

June 26, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

June 25th - 2019

We are happy to report that little Avro, (Blue tape) was successfully retrieved by Rob and released back to his parents care after being trapped behind one of the glass balconies overnight - last night.

The CPF head office received yet another call,, (one of the many that we get at this time of year from all over the province) about a trapped hawk on a balcony, unable to figure out how to get free from one of the glass balconies where it was trapped. This time, the call came in from the security desk at the condo’s out behind the Etobicoke nest site at Bloor and Islington in Etobicoke. The “hawk” was quickly identified by its band number as being Avro,, the young Etobicoke fledgling with the Blue coloured tape,,, (not a hawk).

A big thank you to both the owner resident for contacting their security, and security for calling us so quickly, and to rob who was able to respond to its aid so quickly! An additional big thank you to the management group CBRE and their security staff who have been so accommodating for the CPF staff and volunteers for allowing us access to their facilities and for housing the down fledglings that we have been rescuing until their release can be done safely. Some pretty great foster parents indeed!!

So today, the little fledgling named Avro, the one that has been struggling all along with his first few flights was re-released back to his parents care to the rooftop of the nest building without incident. It is quite evident that he is not the strongest fledgling that I have ever had to deal with, despite the fact that he is quite healthy and full of attitude!

By the time I got back down to the sidewalk, Avro had finally been able to get from the rooftop to the top of the 5 foot retaining wall that surrounds the roof and was roosting and balancing on the ledge of same just fine. He was joined by one of his siblings, and moments later, by one of his parents. :-))

Later this evening, reports / observations from Lucie who attended the Etobicoke nest site reported that he was fed by one of his parents and remained on the upper retaining wall ledge until dark.


June 24, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Published by Lucie
Day 6 .. Sunday morning started with AVRO flying from his perch at the condo to a billboard right at the corner of Bloor and Islington (busy intersection!) where he remained ALL day .. until he finally decided to walk over the low rise business buildings where he reached a corner .. and then .. took off. Problem was .. he didn’t take off, he just went to ground .. right in front of traffic and boy it was close! but we got him!! Thank you to my CPF friend Cathy Kerr, who was amazing!! She ran onto the road and we stopped traffic, and got this little bugger. Yay! Feisty guy looked good and even shook the carrier while he was supposed to be resting up.

Finally up on the roof, he was greeted by his sister and it all looked good until Mom decided she was going to tease them with food. It was too late at night (after 9:00) and we wished she just put them to bed. Instead, she just got them going. Sigh! So much commotion and at some point, it didn’t look like AVRO would made height, but it was getting dark and there was nothing we could do. We would have to wait until morning to see where they were.

Day 7 .. All 3 were sighted on Monday morning, and were quiet for most of the day, especially AVRO, who really vegged out all afternoon. i didn’t hear him during the day, but finally as I stopped by in the evening after 6, he was on the roof and hungry.

BLISS was on the condos without a care in the world. She must have been fed and was quite content. No sound from her at all. D’Arcy came in with food, and although both boys were screaming, it was AVRO, who was the real vocal one. D’Arcy brought in prey and prepped it in front of both boys on a perch just above them. She took the package and circled the building several times, finally stopping and giving some to ARIES. AVRO flew to the Mondolez building and D’Arcy went after him with the rest of the food and I didn’t see him after that. She stayed with him for a long time then flew back to the nest ledge. Lucky came in with some food for ARIES, then flew off to the west side of the Mondolez building.

What impressed me most about tonight was the difference from last night! Perhaps it’s because nobody was missing and D’Arcy and Lucky were more relaxed. Bedtime was a different routine. D’Arcy teased them at 7 pm (not like last night at 9 pm). There was no activity in the air and by 9 pm, everything was quiet!! Lucky was on the Moneris sign facing west. D’Arcy left AVRO on the Mondolez building and flew back to the nest ledge. ARIES saw her and flew to the south ledge of the nest building. He gave a few quiet screams then stopped. I saw BLISS take a flight back to the condos. Wow!! I waited a few more minutes just to be sure and left at 9:15.

Cheers, Lucie

ETOBICOKE UPDATE: Reported By Cathy Kerr

June 23, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Lucie,Tracy & I were joined this afternoon by Mark & Marion to watch our family. Lucie and I positioned ourselves to watch over Avro who was still on the billboard, while Mark & Marion settled to watch our girl Bliss and Tracy attempted to leave to join Bruce downtown. I had just left Lucie to find my misplace wallet, when Lucie radioed! Avro had left the billboard but just landed on the back of the building. I headed back to the watch the front and out he popped and started walking down the building rooftops along Bloor street. Lucie joined me and we watched him get to the end of the row…He looked around, walked to the back and front again..and took off…well kinda jumped and flew slightly and down he came over one lane, two lanes…lower and lower…a car was coming-I remember yelling at it, not to hit my bird(!!) and it just missed him!!! Out onto the road we went-arms up stopping traffic! He stopped in the middle of the road, Lucie was in front, me in back-I said get him Lucie(she was closest) but the thing about a bird that has been rescued once, they remember…and as soon as Lucie raised that towel, he was off!! Hopping, skipping, half flying…We were so worried a car would get him!! But he hit the ground and the chase was on!! Oh my what a sight we must have been…two women chasing a bird down Bloor St.!!! He stopped a couple of times and turned and bolted the opposite way when we tried to towel him. Ugh. When we finally got him, Lucie got her towel over his back end(almost somersaulting over him lol) and I got my towel over his head as he flipped over and started hissing..and we had him! Whew. I gently gathered him up and handed him to Lucie…Then realized that traffic was slowing inching around us–omg we are still on the road lol!! The people on the patio of the local bar had a front row seat lol–they did call out and ask us what kind of bird we had !! Omg an audience ….oh well , maybe not the prettiest rescue, but we got him! Mark and Tracy met us at this point(Tracy had been in her car, heading to Bruce). They checked him over, all good! Off Tracy went and into a crate for a short rest for Avro! He’s a fiesty one that’s for sure!! Mark put him back up on the roof shortly after. In no time he was up and looking around! His siblings both came to visit–a lovely family reunion! Dad brought food, which Avro snatched and started chowing down on but his lovely sis Bliss came and the tug of war was on!!! She won. lol. Then Mom came with a package, and flew around with it, encouraging them to fly. Aires and Bliss obliged right away. And then Avro was off!! And he flew beautifully too!! Lots more flights–Aires and Bliss are doing amazing!! But Avro’s last flight,maybe just one too many, had him miss the roof, touch off the building and he disappeared from our sight between the buildings. We think he might be the fledgling that ended up high on a glass ledge but it was dark and we could not id. But he had been doing so well that we have high hopes that Rob will find all three high and well in the morning!! It is very late and I have to work in the morning lol…I am attaching a few pictures, not the greatest, just from my camera…Lucie will share her great pics at a later date! Another long post from me…Night all

ETOBICOKE June 23 AM Tracy reports

June 23, 2019 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

this morning I walked into silence. Fledge watchers hate that. Bliss is not on the nest ledge and has definitely flown. Avro is still on his low balcony and Aries on the ledge one slot over from the nest ledge. Both boys are silent. I’ve cleared the ground around the nest complex on both sides including the Sobeys mezzanine. I’ve cleared the Falcon Condo balconies and also the ones at Isy Bloor. Darcy sat on the corner of Mondelez and Lucky sat on the Aberfoyle side calling. On my second round as I was coming up the lane way Darcy flew in with a pigeon. Nothing from Avro on the balcony and no sign of Bliss. I have the two boys in sight and will search for Bliss again once the feeding is done.