!!! Four very hungry hatchlings!!

May 21, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Mark Nash Reports:

May 21st - 2015
A quick visit to check in on the status oft the William Osler hospital peregrines this afternoon yielded some very good news indeed. I guess I couldn’t have picked a better time to drop in, as the moment that we opened the door and turned around the corner to take a look at the camera monitor, the resident adult female was right in the middle of an afternoon feeding with FOUR HATCHLINGS in full view!!
CONGRATULATIONS are certainly in order!

After carefully taking into consideration what I observed live on the flat screen monitor and looking closely at the photos (sadly although not the greatest photos), it would appear that the hatchlings are approx. 8 to 10 days old.

In consideration with this, it would appear that the optimum banding time frames will be some time between and second week of June.
Stay tuned………..

William Osler Has a Hatch!!

May 16, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Bruce Massey Reports:

I stopped by at William Osler for a site check as Hurricane and Chessie were due for a hatch. I went up with security to check the monitor in the mechanical room and I got lucky. A shift of position by the female revealed the first fluffy chick under her wing. I had only one in view so this could be the first. Congratulations to William Osler!

Four Eggs at William Osler

April 15, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Thank you to Ross and Marion for the report of two eggs at William Osler. That report encouraged me to go out and visit the site today to check in and see whether further eggs had been laid.  When I pulled in I found Chessie sitting in the tower looking back at the nest ledge as if she was ready to return to the tray. I saw this as an opportunity to go upstairs and perhaps witness the changeover which would let me know where the pair is at in egg laying. I met with Ross and the two of us went upstairs to take a look at the nest tray through the monitor and the peep hole to see whether there has been any progression. We found Hurricane laying tight on the eggs and not moving. He certainly loves incubating as it is an opportunity for him to do his favorite thing which is to take a nap.  While we were watching Hurricane Ross informed me that the second egg actually arrived last Thursday and that potentially they could have a full clutch by now.  We didn’t have to wait long before Chessie came in and was demanding Hurricane give her her turn on her eggs. When the pair exchanged places, Ross was watching through the peep hole and I through the camera monitor and we were able to confirm that there are now four eggs in the nest tray.  If the second egg arrived last Thursday then potentially number three would’ve been laid on Saturday and egg number four on Monday as they lay their eggs typically every second day.  Congratulations William Osler on a full clutch and we look forward to a hatch around the second week of May.

William Osler Nest - 2 Eggs!!

April 14, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Marion Nash Reports:

April 14- 2015
Reports from the hospital today has 2 eggs in nest so far.

!!! Confirmed - First egg for William Osler Hospital!

April 07, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Marion Nash Reports:

April 7th - 2015

We have just received confirmation today that as of April 2nd, the William Osler pair have produced their first egg!
On Thursday, April 2nd 2015 there was one egg. I checked again this morning (April 7th) and still only one egg.

William Osler’s Very Own Ossie Has His First Egg!

April 08, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Ossie, hatched at William Osler in 2012 and now the resident male at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel, has just seen the arrival of his first egg with his mate Lily.  It wasn’t that long ago that Ossie and his sister Tobi were flapping up a storm in Etobicoke learning the fine art of flight from their father Hurricane, playing tag and napping the day away.  Now Ossie is a resident territorial adult in Ontario with young ones on the way.  My how they grow up fast!  Congratulations to Ossie and Lily on their first egg!!

Hurricane is Back

April 04, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Yesterday Rob and I met up at the William Osler nest site to check on Chessie and were pleased to find that Hurricane has returned from migration.   He was sitting in the hydro tower just east of the nest ledge calling softly to her which drew her in to the territory. At one point both adults were in the tower enjoying the day and talking back and forth to one another. There were a lot of back and forth visits to the nest tray that ended with Chessie front and centre in the tower.  Hurricane then pulled off a spectacular flight around the girders of the tower to fly in for copulation before going on a lunch run.   Welcome home Hurricane!  I will be back to check for the first egg very soon.

Two Adults On Site But No Eggs Yet

March 27, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I stopped in at William Osler for a site check today and found the two adults roosting on the hospital. I was unable to confirm identities today but as of the last check Chessie was confirmed the female and Casper (her winter beau while Hurricane is on migration) was still the male. I went upstairs and checked the camera and there are no eggs as of yet. I will return soon to confirm ID’s and check for the first egg.

!!! Ossie from the William Osler nest site appears to be the new resident male at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site!

March 11, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 11th - 2015
After having our earlier observations confirmed, it appears that the new resident male peregrine now in Hamilton at the Hamilton Sheraton nest site is in fact Ossie from the William Osler nest site!

Ossie, banded with a Canadian solid Black leg band baring the digits 0 over 8, (with a line separating the above and below digits) has been positively identified and confirmed to be Ossie!

!!! Some sad news to report, from Bogota South America no less!!!

March 09, 2015 - Etobicoke - William Osler

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 5th - 2015
We have just received some interesting although sad news from Mark Heaton from the MNRF - (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry,,, OMNR’s new name) with regards to one of the William Osler juveniles that was produced last season in 2014.

It has been reported to him from wildlife officials in Colombia South America that a juvenile peregrine falcon banded with a solid Black band Y over 6, dawning a silver USWF band number of 1156-06858 had been found dead 1.1 miles from Barrio Boyacá, District Capital of Colombia, Bogota - (in South America).
Based on the actual report, it was a collision death - flying into a wire.

After checking the banding database, the black banded peregrine banded with the Y over 06 band was named “Ace”,, identified and sexed as a male, banded on June 11th, being 23 days old and weighing in at 680 grams.

The question has often been asked, where do all f the young fledgling peregrine falcons go and what happens to them? Well, this answers one of those questions,, (combined this band return with 7 years of data as a result of the CPF satellite tracking program where we satellite tracked first year peregrines from Quebec and Ontario), and with the combined accumulated band return reports such as this one, we have a partial answer as to where some of our Canadian peregrines are going to winter over during the winter months.

We found a large percentage of the Ontario and Quebec Canadian produced peregrines that were tracked via satellite in our tracking program ended up wintering over in Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina in South America, in addition to many that wintered over in Central America countries - (Nicaragua and Costa Rica),,,, and never to forget little “Lightning” from the Richmond Hill CPF hack site and all of the fuss he caused everyone with Global, National and local news media headlines while wintering over in the Dominican Republic!!!!!!

Always a huge thank you to the Canadian Ambassador of the time who was stationed in the DR and the local DR news paper - (the Ultima Hora who posted front page full colour photos and block buster story and headlines of little Lightning in three separate issues of their newspaper,, (never in the newspaper history had they every printed full colour front page photos and story of anything before this),,, and local TV station that did a special show, - aired country wide in the DR that also contributed and helped save little Lightning’s life while he was wintering over in the Dominican Republic.

Little Lightning did survive his ordeal with the DR government who had originally planned to “dispatch him” and did in fact return safely (by his own accord) back to Ontario the following spring. A story that we will never forget!