Still no sign of Trillium

May 14, 2016 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

For the last few days there has been no sign of Trillium (the resident female here). However, the resident male Buffalo Bill has been courting daily & even mating with the young falcon that was in the fatal battle with Redbud. With any luck, perhaps this new female which appears to be a year old unbanded female will produce an egg or 2 this year. 

!!! Perhaps a Transition

May 10, 2016 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Since the battle between the 2 young falcons reported in the last post, the resident female Trillium has only been seen once & it was at 7am May 9th. Since then, Buffalo Bill & the juvie with no bands (the one that had the battle with Red Bud) have been in the nest box frequently & exhibiting courtship behaviour & digging in the scrape.

!!! We need your help!

May 06, 2016 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 2016
We are in desperate need of your assistance!

We are looking for someone that has in-depth hands-on experience with WordPress.
There are several major changes needed to both update some portions of the CPF web site, in addition to some design changes and in need of an experienced WordPress person that has some spare time to donate to the CPF.

This individual should also have in-depth hands-on experience with the technical side of web site management.

Please if you can help, and some spare time, we would love to talk to you!

You can contact us at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation via our telephone number at: 416-937-7226 or by e-mail to

!!! Fight to death

May 04, 2016 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

!!! Fight to Death

May 04, 2016 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

So far this year we have seen 2 eggs laid by the resident female, Trillium. Both eggs have been broken, we didn’t witness how. The resident male is still Buffalo Bill. Today around 10:30am 2 Juvenile females appeared in our nest box. They had a battle inside the nest box which lasted for about 45 minutes and resulted in the death of one of the birds. The deceased bird has since been delivered to the CPF. The victor is still frequenting the box and we haven’t seen Trillium before or after the battle. 

!!! Call Guiness book of records (longest unsuccessfull incubation)

August 01, 2015 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Today at 9am the resident female decided to consume the final egg in the nest box. This egg is at least 10 weeks old & bleached white from the sun, the last 2 weeks of +30 degrees temps must have really rotted the egg. After she broke the egg & ate it a swarm of flys covered the spot where the liquid layed on the stones. This falcon continues to look confused and not too sure of what to do. The resident male has not been seen in the nest box for a few weeks. It’s disturbing to watch the female so confused.

Failed nest

June 05, 2015 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

For the last 3 weeks, Trillium has been commited to incubating 1 lonely egg. 2 days ago she gave up & the egg sits in the box unincubated & so far uneaten. Disapointment again.

One egg missing, another appears

May 16, 2015 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

After losing an egg yesterday, Trillium has produced another to replace it! She seems dedicated to incubation & is rarely off the eggs (all 2 of them).

!!! We’re back down to one egg

May 15, 2015 - Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

3rd egg

- Port Colborne - ADM Mill

Doug Garbutt Reports:

Sometime between Friday May 8th at 2pm & Monday May 11th at 7am, Trillium laid another egg. This is the 3rd egg we have witnessed this year. I have a feeling that there were probably more but we weren’t around to confirm the fact. Yesterday & today she seemed to be taking good care of the egg. I’ll let you know if & when she gets hungry enough to eat the latest edition.