!!! Looks like at least part-time incubation is underway!!

March 30, 2014 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Sunday March 30th - 2014
Some exciting news today, in that we have confirmed that there maybe part-time incubation underway, (if not full-time) at the Scarborough Yellow Pages nest site. After several hour of roaming around Toronto’s east end to get some additional nest site updates, we ended our day at the Scarborough Yellow Pages nest site and found Ruben (the resident adult male) high up on the upper elevation of the nest site building (south side) in the middle of a preen-feast, looking rather dapper indeed!

For the next few hours, Linn (the resident adult female) was no where to be found as we circled the building on numerous occasions with no luck seeing her. Then, just as 7 o’clock passed and the sun setting to the west, out pops Linn from a ledge on the upper south west column, (south east facing ledge) directly in our view from the south YP parking lot.

As she exited the ledge, it was obvious that she had food in her clutches and she proceeded to fly around to the east, then around to the north side of the building out of our view. Ruben took flight and pursued her. They both returned moments later coming around from the west side of the building, with both of them returning to the same ledge that Linn had appeared from earlier.

At this point, both birds disappeared down into the ledge itself and out of our sight. Some 15 minutes later, Ruben re-appeared from the ledge, spent several minutes looking down into the ledge where Linn had disappeared, and then flew up to an upper ledge elevation on the west side of the south east column, where he stayed until we left.

Linn never did re-appear from the other ledge, and it would appear that she might be involved in at least part-time incubation, (if not now involved in full time incubation).
We will be doing another site visit later on in the week.
Stay tuned……..

Linn and Rueben On Site at Yellow Pages

March 27, 2014 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Coming back through the city from Bowmanville, I decided to take a break from driving and stop in at Yellow Pages to check in on Linn and Rueben.  I found Rueben almost right away on the southwest ledges of the building sunning himself.  Up that high all I could see at first was a white dot that was out of place on the dark building and the binoculars revealed a preening Rueben.  I scanned around for Linn and couldn’t find her at first but a check of her favorite roosts helped me to locate her.  She was also sunning herself on the Investors Group sign and pushing down a nice crop of food.

I was able to confirm Linn’s band number, Black 91 over Green V, and get a few photos of the lovely lady up on the sign.  We look forward to season with the pair and will be watching to see what ledge they choose to nest on this year.  Not the best photos but I hope you enjoy.

Both Adults Seen at Yellow Pages

January 26, 2014 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Bruce Massey Reports:

A quick update on the resident adults at the Yellow Pages nest site.  I was out this morning and found both adults sitting on the ledges. They were too far in for a confirmation on their identities but I believe they are Linn and Rueben.

Linn, Rueben and Neira at Home

July 24, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Bruce Massey Reports:

I was out at the Yellow Pages nest site to check in on Linn, Rueben and the kids over the past few days.  On Saturday after the storm, I did have both adults confirmed but there was no sign of any juveniles.  Tuesday when I arrived, I checked in with security and learned that the juveniles hadn’t been positively identified since last Thursday.  I set out for a recon walk of the area and was able to spot one juvenile on a building in the territory.  I set up my scope and waited for a view of the tape colour that each of our banded young ones has over the USFW band and my patience paid off.  I was able to positively identify Neira by her red tape healthy and screaming for food.  During my visit I was unable to sight Loki but it may have just been my timing.  Yesterday I was back on site and again had Linn, Rueben and Neira who was actively chasing around the local resident birds.  As hard as she tried, and there was one good stoop, Neira still came up empty taloned each time.  Loki did not make an appearance yet but he is such a great flyer that he is most likely exploring further afield and it may take a few visits to catch him at home.  We will be back to check in again and look to spot little Loki and will keep you updated on how the family is progressing.

!!! Duck under glass - (well sort of)! Finger licking good - (OK, talon lick-in good)!

July 19, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 19th - 2013
What’s better than fresh Duck for breakfast or (maybe last night’s dinner) for young fledglings Loki & Neira.
Found at the foot of Wynn Fitness Building 10 Milner Business Court closest to the building referred to as the “Kitchen”.

Alex Mitchell

!!! Both fledglings observed flying well, and as usual, terrorizing their parents!!

July 06, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

July 5th- 2013
Sorry for the lack of updates and postings as we have still been in the field on the watch at several other nest sites and had to mobilize our available manpower and resources to other areas of most need.

That being said, we are still very active doing spot checks in between the ongoing watches at nest sites where we have just finished the intense fledge watches and the Yellow pages nest site has not gone unchecked.

While we’re back to extremely hot and humid weather conditions, (with several days of back to back pouring rain, smog alerts and blistering sun thrown into the mix), the two young fledglings are still flying well, holding their altitude and now terrorizing their poor adult parents in the air in their quest for attention and food!

During the heat of the day, both of the adults are finding it MUCH harder to find hiding places to avoid the constant pursuit of the fledglings!! The good news, is that we have documented many air food transfers with each of the fledglings diving and stooping and now catching the food offerings that the adults are offering them, and we are now seeing the fledglings starting to chase some of the resident birds in the neighbourhood.

While they not capable of actually catching any live prey as yet, they are now trying - really hard!! The cat and mouse games, and the catch-me-if-you-can games between the two fledglings is just incredible to watch!!!

The spurts of actions lasts 15 minutes at a time, with an hour of rest and recharge periods, you can now see them very active throughout the entire day, all day now. How they deal with this extremely humid and hot weather is beyond me, as it has been almost debilitating for the rest of us here at street level especially with all of the heat radiating off the concrete surfaces that surround us!

Bring your camera’s out folks, as the show is absolutely spectacular!!

!!! Wow, both fledglings are flying high,, and very very well indeed!

June 29, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

Saturday June 29th - 2013
Once again, I can’t tell you how much 48 hours can make a huge difference some time. that is certainly the case out here at the Scarborough Yellow pages nest site. I arrived this morning to find the little fledgling - (named Neira) roosting on the upper ledge of the kitchen building as we have nick-named it, - (its actually the Investors Group building), with her brother (named Loki) above her yet again on the upper most elevation.

Both juveniles were roosting quite comfortably and preening as if the this roost was one that they had been using all their lives! Linn, (their mother) was on the opposite side of this elevation clearly on guard. Ruben was located on the upper most point of the nest building looking over his territory with all of his family in full view.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, the young fledglings made several incredible flights back and forth between the two buildings and never lost a single foot of altitude in any error and although they both have some learning to do with regards to skilled landings, both fledglings landed on their intended targets.

Loki on the other hand, is now chasing both his parents around in the air, circling-up to gain altitude like a “big-boy” and looking like an adult!!

By 1pm, it was quite apparent to me that neither of the fledglings are at much risk of coming to the ground because they can’t hold their altitude. For the most parts, our job is done her at ground level and the rest is now up to Linn and Ruben to teach their fledglings the ropes and the necessary like skills that they will need to help them survive from here on in.

I have officially terminated the full time fledge watch, but we will be doing spot checks at each nest site for the next few weeks to check up on the fledglings progress.

It is this time (over the next four weeks that the GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES EXIST, as the parents are going to teach the young flacons what to hunt, how to hunt it, and the their is some incredible aerial display going to happen. The Yellow Pages nest site is one of those unique sites in that the building is surrounded by lots of unobstructed open air and the photo opportunities to catch some of this incredible things that are about to take place once the fledglings are fully flighted.
Stay tuned…………,,, - (some photos to follow this observation report).

Hope to see you all out there with your cameras!

Loki is terrorizing both his parents and his sister! No place to hide now!

June 28, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

June 28th - 2013
Rain, Rain, and more rain, but despite rain, these birds don’t seem to notice (other than being wet of course). Shortly after 5pm, the rain finally slowed down to a drizzle and the adults started into hunting mode and several meals were brought in, but now without Loki persistent harassment’s. This little guy just didn’t give it up throughout most of the day and was very active in between the short periods of rain.

No one told him you shouldn’t be flying around like this in the rain, (or he was simply not listening)! KIDS!!

He spent allot of his day dive bombing his sister and both of his parents in addition to chasing them around out to most of their hiding spots out at the Investors Group building to the west - (the building that we call the kitchen) where the parents often prepare the food just before its brought in to the nest building.

Just before the “falcon follies” typically around 8pm, the rain had completely stopped, and Ruben flew over head with a piece of food with Loki in hot pursuit. I saw the first mid air food drop for Loki, and he was in the right position to catch it. Out of nowhere, Linn suddenly appeared at warp speed and snatched the food out of the mid air just feet prior to Loki actually being able to catch it!!

Talk about “peeved-off”!! The little male fledgling chased his mom to no avail, as she easily escaped his pursuit and eventually flew off to the nest building and gave the food to his sister still on the ledge that she had earlier fledged to.

By 8:20pm suddenly, every thing stopped! Both of the juveniles had tucked them selves back onto the building ledges out of my view and both adults had taken up a roosting spot on the Yellow pages building obviously finished for the evening. It was actually quite spooky that all activity simply just stopped!

By 9:15pm, the heavy overcast really made it dark and almost impossible to see the upper corners and building ledges and I closed the fledge watch for the evening.

Many thanks to Winnie for coming out and keeping me company this evening, as it was a very long wet lonely day for the most parts, as the rain obviously scared most people away. Oh yes, right, I just found out that this is a long weekend, Canada Day weekend!

Sorry, no pictures today, just didn’t have the opportunity to get the camera out given all of the rain.
Stay tuned……..

!!! First Flight in the pouring rain - The lady in red - (Neira) has finally fledged!

June 28, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

June 28th - 2013 - AM Report
In one of theos rare opportunities when I have some time in the field at a fledge watch, I will attempt to do a mid shift report. Now pouring rain, much cooler in comparison to the terrible heat and humidity of the last three days, it would appear that the young ones here at the Scarborough Yellow pages nest site have recharged and have lots of energy. Darn!!!!! Not today!!!

At this stage of the fledge watches, (now into week four for some), and just about the time when we’re all looking for an excuse to convince ourselves and others that the juveniles won’t fly (or fledge) in the pouring rain, I thought I would share a quick story to let all of the non-fledge watchers know what’s shaking this morning in a heavily overcast dark and gloomy pouring raining day on the fledge watch at at least one of the nest sites.

As for peregrines (both the adults and the juveniles), they simply didn’t get the memo or the text to tell them that you should not be flying in the rain! It is quite obvious that the peregrines are not reading the same books that we have all been reading. Peregrines live in the outdoors and typically don’t have a house and roof over their head to protect them from the elements. We have long since learned that they will do what ever they want to do, when they want to do, and any time, every day rain or shine. It’s just another day in the life of a peregrine.

Early this morning, the “Lady in Red” - the unfledged female Neira at the Scarborough Yellow pages nest site jumped into the air and took her first flight. Well, not really what you would call a “real flight” in bird terms.

Quickly losing altitude, (little Neira as she has been named), did some serious window washing with her wings on she slid down five stories of windows as she made a desperate to grab onto numerous window frames as she fluttered five floors down. She eventually caught a little air,, (and that only happens when you actually spread your wings open), and fluttered to the rooftop on one of the four corner columns.

Still 3/4 the way up on the building, she still has allot of altitude and no worse for ware after her ordeal.

For the past three hours, she has been running the leading edges in an effort to get closer to her parents that have strategically placed themselves in a high position on different parts of the upper portion of the building that has allowed them both a clear view of each of the fledglings position.

Little Loki, the young fledgling male, is still high, and despite the pouring rain, takes a couple of shorts flights this morning while chasing his dad Ruben around with a fresh kill that he has just brought in to an upper ledge on the nest building. At one point, BOTH parents attended and both beak fed him on separate occasions on the same ledge. Quite heartwarming actually!

Shortly after the feeding, Loki and dad were observed and photographed roosting one above each other on the same corner only 6 feet apart of each other chilling out and having a father and dad moment. It’s now really pouring rain and you hardly see across the parking lot!! Its starting to flood this portion of the parking lot!!! Time to move again!!!!
Where’s my boat!!

Stay tuned………..

The “Lady in Red” still refuses to fledge! The “boy in Blue” is rock-in! and Dad shows his urban skills!

June 27, 2013 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

June 27th - 2013
Despite another really uneventful day in the field on the fledge watch again today with regards to any the young peregrines doing anything spectacular, (or anything at all) for all that matter,, it was still a good day on the other side of the coin in that both hatchlings (one now fledged and tearing up the skies -(named Loki) and his sister - (named Neira) is still on the nest ledge, BOTH of them are still visible and very much alive!

The extreme heat and humidity has finally dissipated and although no one’s running around the block as yet, you can actually breath now without looking like you have just showered! Overcast all day, light breezes and NO SUN!!! Thank Goodness! The “easy-bake” over finally turned off!

Three days of intense observations from dawn to dusk has paid off and there appears to be a real pattern unfolding, now almost predictable, (at least at this stage of the young peregrines development). By 8:30pm each day, both parents have settled down and no longer very active. Linn brings the last food in for the day to the nest ledge and drops its off. Loki, returns to the nest ledge prior to this event and is already waiting with his sister on the nest ledge for the food to arrive!

By 8:45pm, quiet is an understatement, as both of the young peregrines are settled down for the night! It is quite obvious that Linn is drawing them (or at least Loki) back to the nest ledge each night with food at the same time each night and has tucked them in so to speak, just prior to darkness falling. Both adults have once again taken up their roosting positions after the final food drop and become very inactive indeed. The young have disappeared in behind the nest ledge lip and are not seen again for the balance of the evening. Its almost like Linn has set a “curfew” for the kids, - be home by 8:30pm or miss out on supper! Now that’s some experienced parenting!

I consulting with Marion who has historically been doing the Yellow Pages watch over the past years, she recants that this is exactly the same behaviour that she has documented for several years at the Yellow pages fledge watch! After reviewing her field notes from the previous years, I can confirm without any doubt that this is exactly the case! History has once again repeated itself at this nest site!

The highlight of the day, (or should I say the evening) was Ruben’s last hunt. Given the obvious lack of any pigeons in the immediate area, (it appears that the peregrines have cleaned out the neighborhood of local pigeon populations), Ruben is having to travel much further beyond the visible territory to find his choice of food. Just as the CAA had finished boosting my battery, (yes, sleep depravation is taking its toll as I left my car lights on all day and killed my battery), Ruben suddenly appeared from the south east chasing a pigeon almost over our heads and deliberately forced the pigeon into the side of the nest building windows about half way up the building.

The pigeon hit the office building window at an incredible speed (and with a very loud bang) and either killed itself on impact or knocked itself out cold on impact. It actually bounced off the window after its collision and Ruben caught it on the re-bound as it bounced of the window back into the air. Absolutely incredible! He caught it without missing a single wing beat!!!

Both Dave and I watched in amazement as the event unfolded!! Ruben never missed a wing beat, and grabbed the lifeless pigeon and simply carried on around the north side of the building with the lifeless pigeon in his clutches. While he did struggled to hold his altitude with the huge pigeon in his clutches, he was able to gain enough altitude and flew around to the west to the “kitchen”,, (atop of the Investors group building as we have nick-named it), where both adults have historically over the years taken their food to prepare it.

Unbenounced to us, Patti had dropped in and was positioned on the north side of the building watching the peregrines. She later hooked up with Dave and I in the back parking lot and showed us a incredible photo that she had taken of Ruben struggling to hold his altitude with a huge pigeon in his clutches as he flew over to the Kitchen.

Hopping that Patti will send us the photos so you can see the incredible size of the pigeon in comparison to Ruben’s small body size.

We closed the fledge watch down for the evening by 9:20pm with all four birds in sight and tucked in for the evening.
Stay tuned……….
A foot note: The young female hatchling - (named Neira) dawns RED coloured marker tap - (thus her nick-name) - “The lady in Red” and the young male fledgling - (named Loki) dawns BLUE coloured marker tape, thus his nick-name the Boy in Blue.

Photos submitted by Patti -now added!