June 26th / 2020 SECOND CLUTCH OF EGGS! 4 NEW EGGS!!!

June 27, 2020 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

At the request of the building management as a result of the recent activity of the grins on their building, I attended the Scarborough nest site to get a better understanding of the happenings and update the management group as to the activity of their resident peregrines. Remembering that my last visit on June 17th confirmed that the first clutch of 3 eggs had failed and that the resident adults had abandoned their first clutch of three eggs.
Well, did we get a surprise when as we entered the upper rooftop walkway, as we were both aggressively persued and stooped by the resident adult female (non-other than Linn - clearly identified by her black-band 91 over V) the long-standing adult female)!!
As we moved around the building checking the 8 nest ledge pockets, I have confirmed that the original first clutch of 3 eggs is still there unattended on the southeast corner ledge.
That said, as we moved around the to the North-east corner column checking each ledge, the intensity of her aggression magnified 10x fold and we now know why! a second clutch of 4 eggs was observed in the nest pocket on the North-east column! *See attached photos.
Given the timing of my last visit on June 17th, (only one set of eggs that failed) and no others on any of the other ledges,,, and in consideration that there are NOW four new eggs on another ledge,, I suspect that they were layed sometime between June 18th and June 22nd,,, with full-time incubation starting around June 23rd. With this in mind,, if they are in fact **fertile and the incubation goes well, we should see a hatch in 33 to 35 days as of June 23rd,,,
Expected hatch around the week of July 26th to July 1st.
** It is important to know, that I did NOT see a resident male during this visit, and still have a question in my mind as to the presence of a resident male on site. If not,, these eggs may not be fertile.
Stay tuned…….

Yellow Pages Update May 16th

May 17, 2020 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

Mark checked on Lyn today and found 3 eggs still on the nest no hatch. He also has not seen a male on site this spring at all and Lyn was not there today and did not fly in to challenge him on the roof. Looks like the nest has failed again this year. It may be that she has no mate this year and the eggs were not fertile. We will pop in to check on her again in a few days.

No Hatch Yet

May 05, 2020 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

Mark went to have another look at the nest and there are still 3 eggs no hatch as of yet.

Lyn has 3 eggs

April 25, 2020 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

Yes Lyn is still on site however I can’t confirm who the male is yet. There are now 3 eggs and we will be going back soon to check for a hatch.

Report from Michigan about Lorraine 2016 hatch Yellow Pages Scarborough Nest.

December 30, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

She’s in great shape. I had been seeing a pair hunting together off and on for a few weeks and wonder if she’s one of the banded birds I had been seeing. I was never able to get a good look at either bird’s band combo, so it’s hard to say. I have a contact with the Michigan DNR that has records of all of the breeding pairs in the area and I was going to check with her to see about your bird.
All raptors we trap and relocate are part of wildlife control operations at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. She was trapped in a swedish goshawk trap and relocated to state land in Chelsea, Michigan. Getting her away from the airport environment is the safest thing for her as well as the aircraft.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. Happy New Year.
Selena Creed
Wildlife Biologist
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Wayne County Airport Authority

Update Yellow Pages

June 25, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

Mark checked the site on June 21st and again on June 24th there still 4 eggs but no hatch as of yet.

!!! Scarborough second clutch of eggs still being incubated

June 14, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

June 14th - 2019
A quick update on the Linn at the Scarborough nest site. Incubation continues with her second clutch of 4 eggs.
With some blustery cool winds, (and still some very unreasonable cool temps), Linn was still down hard on incubation duties and her mate was still very much providing air cover during my visit today.
Stay tuned, and we’ll do another check next week to see if there has been a hatch.

!!! If at first you don’t succeed,, try , try again! A second clutch!! :-))

June 07, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

June 7th - 2019

Despite the fact that the pairs first clutch of eggs had earlier failed,,, there is no reason to stop trying,, and so it is for the Scarborough Milner nest pair!

Today’s check-in visit yielded some very good news indeed with presence of a second clutch of 4 eggs!!
Yeeee gads …. we’re going to doing fledge watches and bandingss all summer long!!!
Stay tuned, as it would seem that Linn and her mate is not quitters!!

!!! Linn is still very much on site,, and still very much in charge!!! Sadly, only one egg :-(

May 10, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

May 10th 2019
Well, I have some both good news and some bad news to report today after visiting the Scarborough nest site this afternoon.

First the good news,, I met an old friend again this afternoon at the Scarborough nest site, and was greeted by Linn, the long standing resident adult female, hatched in Rochester NY at the old Kodak nest site, banded Black 91 over Green V.

After a very brief re-introduction and with the resident adult male stooping and diving only inches from my head,, Linn joined him as she came up from the nest ledge and quickly landed on the upper retaining wall ledge. Without missing a wing-beat, she quickly ran down the ledge towards me,, (or should I say at me) in an effort to shew me away,, at it worked!!

It only took a second for me to realize that she meant serious business and was not in the mood to entertain houseguests and I managed to get out of her way as she was only inches away from my face!! Linn is a no-nonsense full body contact gal!!

I was able to snap a single photo of the nest nedge, and saw only one egg, (that the adult male was incubating at the time).

The not so good news, is ofcourse only one egg was present. It might appear that the unusual (un-seasonal cold damp rainy spring has taken its toll on a number of southern Ontario nest sites this year),, with little to no production of eggs and failed nest sites altogether that we have been recording so far this spring.

Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the resident adult male, as he never stopped stooping at me the entire visit, and with Linn on the pursuit, I wasn’t hanging around!!

Enjoy the photos, the best I could do under the circumstance……… DUCK!!! and I don’t mean quack quack!!

Yellow Pages Falcons seen on site

March 24, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

There is some good news to report from the Yellow pages nest site. Our fear was that the resident pair had abandoned the site as a result of the length of time it took to remove the the huge Yellow pages signs at the top of the Milner building, as the resident adults had not been seen for months shortly after the sign removal started and since the sign removal had been completed.

Observations today yielded some great news, as two adult peregrines were back on site and very active in and around the upper elevations and ledges of the Milner nest building! Copulation was also witnessed on several occasions throughout the time that I was on site watching!

While it was impossible to identify the identity of the adult peregrines with the low powered binoculars in hand, it was quite obvious that the pair were pretty serious about their intentions, and it would appear like they have selected the same nesting ledge on the building that they hatched their eggs on last year! :-)

Sorry, no pictures this go-round…..

But spring is in the air, finally!!!