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May 06, 2016 - Windsor - Ambassador Bridge

CPF Postmaster Reports:

May 2016
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!!! Not Looking Good

May 17, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

I arrived on site shortly after 9am and found Seven on the west side of a building south of the Hospital. Hunter was on the curtain rod of the north Bay St condo. At around 10:00am, Seven flew towards the east ledges and entered the seventh ledge and disappeared into the back. Hunter was still in his hiding spot on the Bay st condo. It is common for the adults to leave eggs unattended during the warm weather, but usually one adult has the nest in view or they return directly to the nest. With the sun directly on the ledge, if there were a hatch at this time, one of the adults would be shading the new nestling from the sun. This wasn’t seen.

Observations will continue, but this change in behaviour is very similar to what I have seen in previous years when the eggs have failed. Let’s hope for the best.

Mt.Sinai Saturday

May 16, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Both Hunter and Seven were seen outside the nest area today for about 25 minutes. He initially flew prey past her and landed on another area. He echupped and she flew out to get the food. He took off with it and hid in one of the “cubby holes” on the east side. She couldn’t get to it. She returned to the nest and disappeared out of view.  He flew to his little hiding spots underneath the overhang of a Bay St condo. He was there till about 3p.m. when he finally flew into the nest area. She came out and flew towards the structure across the street.

Incubation continues.

Food for Seven

May 14, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

In all the years I’ve been watching Toronto Peregrines, I’ve never seen them make a direct and successful hunt for prey, until today.

Stopped by Mt.Sinai to check on Hunter and Seven. All was quiet until around 11:30a.m. Hunter flew east along Gerrard Street towards Bay St. He made contact with a small bird, probably a sparrow. Snatched it out of the air and carried it back towards Mt. Sinai.  Seven then appeared on the 6th ledge and flew towards the area where Hunter had the prey. She grabbed the food and headed to the south area Mt. Sinai. Hunter then flew into the 6th ledge and disappeared out of my view.

Incubation continues for the single egg.

!!! Mt. Sinai One Egg

May 13, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

As reported to me from Mark Nash;

Mark Nash visited Mt. Sinai today to confirm the presence of at least one egg. Seven was seen incubating at least one egg on the 6th ledge . She got up off the egg briefly to investigate but did not come off the ledge. She returned moments later to continue incubation.  Hunter was on hand to keep watch, but didn’t get too excited as Mark lowered to camera to the ledge. Everything went well.

Many thanks to staff at Mt. Sinai for their continued support.

With success there will be a link to video for everyone to view.


!!! Mt. Sinai, Behaviour change from Hunter

May 12, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Again today spent some time at Mt. Sinai Hospital peregrine site, as I have done so every day for the past few weeks. Today, a change in behaviour from Hunter. Usually I see a hand off of the 6th ledge and the adult finds a place to rest before heading out and out of view. Today, Hunter was unsettled. He would visit the 6th ledge and take off and sit on a nearby roof.  Minutes later he would return to the 6th ledge, walk to the back and come out again and take off. He would then sit for a few minutes and return to the 6th ledge. This is very encouraging and it would fit a time line of nesting behaviour. Perhaps a hatch is close if not already. Just have to wait for food to go in and stay in. As the weeks progress it is very encouraging to see that behaviour from both Seven and Hunter has been maintained. Unlike years past, they would get to a certain point of ‘incubation” and then both adults would be seen flying in the area and not returning to the chosen ledge.  Here’s hoping for a successful year for Hunter and his new mate Seven.

!!! Nesting Activity Continues

May 09, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Saturday May 9  Noon.

Arrived just in time to look up and see Hunter enter the 6th ledge. I waited for a minute and it wasn’t long before Seven came into view, and flew off towards to east side University Ave.  They are very fast and quiet about it. This is very positive for continued nesting activity.

!!! Nesting Activity Continues

May 01, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

Nesting activity continues for “Hunter” the male and “Seven” the female.

This morning the male delivered food to the ledge. Not sure if this was just a bite to eat for the incubating female, or if it was meant for a feed, but positive behaviour either way, indicating that incubation is continuing.

This evening another hand off of the ledge occurred around 6:30, giving the female time to stretch her wings and hunt for herself.  Hunter was quick to take his turn at incubation and disappeared into the back of the ledge and out of sight.

Hunter and Seven appear to be involved in full time incubation activities! Fingers crossed, as this just maybe the year that Mt. Sinai Hospital has their first peregrine hachlings!

April 22, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Mark Nash Reports:

April 20th - 2015

After being able to confirm that the resident pair are in fact Ranger - (the long standing adult male at the Mt. Sinai hospital nest site), and his new female mate - Lucky “Seven” as she was named, who was produced at the old Ontario Power Generation plant nest site on the Canadian side in Niagara Falls Ontario, it has become quite obvious that the pair are involved in full time incubation activities on the upper east elevation, in the centre (middle) ledge.

Sadly although,,, this is NOT the ledge that we installed the nest tray on several years ago for Ranger and Hunter! WE know that there is not allot (if any) suitable nesting sub-straight on these ledges,, (thus the reason for installing the nest tray years ago),,, but you just never know,, peregrine have managed to successfully incubate and hatch eggs in some really inhospitable nest ledges.

We have alerted our old friends at the Mt. Sinai hospital and arranged a site visit next week that will allow us to lower down a portable “wireless” camera down to the lower ledge from the upper roof area that we use to peek into these types of ledges where we can’t get visible sightlines from other elevations to see what’s going on.

Stay tuned for more news updates on the pair………

!!! Seven and Hunter at Mt.Sinai

April 04, 2015 - Toronto - Mount Sinai Hospital

Linda Woods Reports:

It appears the Hunter and Seven are setting up house keeping on the east ledge of the hospital. Very consistent courtship behaviour observed, with copulation and a ‘hand- off” of the “nest’ area. They could be in the early stages of egg production, as they are paying  attention to one particular ledge. Unable to confirm the presence of eggs, as this is a difficult area to get a sight line into the ledge itself. Observations will continue for behavioural changes in the adults to indicate full time incubation of eggs. Exciting, as this would be the first nest for the female Seven.