New family

April 01, 2021 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Spicy P produced at Canada Square 2019 is now with an unbanded female at Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel. Mark went down to check on the Sheraton pair today and saw the unbanded female and then the male brought in food to her. He got a clear look at his band 00 over AW and he still has the white tape on his silver band we used for the fledge watch. No eggs yet will check again in a week.

Quin reported in Rochester NY

March 20, 2021 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Just got a report from the banding office that Quin a male produced at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel in 2019 was reported in Rochester August of 2019 and is also being reported as in captivity. I have reached out to the reporter to see if I can get some further information on Quin. Strange that we should be just getting a report now.

Marriott hatched at the Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel band 06 over AW still hanging out in the Oshawa area. See report below.

October 19, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

The falcon in the first three photos was in the south end of the Second Marsh near Lake Ontario and the other photos were taken in the southwest corner of McLaughlin Bay in Oshawa.

Another Update on Marriott

August 25, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Well it looks like Marriott has found a travel companion I hope;) Here is an update sent in yesterday. Thanks Terri for the report and a big thank you to Ron for the beautiful photos.

Hi Marion

This is Terri Martin

I am requesting an ID on a band Peregrine Falcon I saw at Halls Road in Ajax on August 21 2020

The band is on the left leg and it is all black the letter are 06 AW on the other leg is a piece of yellow tape.

There are two falcons nesting there and have been hunting the gulls and ducks. The other Falcon is not banded.

I am sending you a picture of the Falcons and would love to know who the banded Falcon is and where he came from.

I worked at the nuclear station in pickering and retired in 2019 last year.

I hope they are still going strong with the falcon program. I was involved in the banding of the falcons. It was always so exciting.

Hope you are doing well.
My boyfriend Ron Warner he took lthe pictures and says you can post the pictures if you like.
The falcons both look quite young.

Mariott on the move

August 24, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Mariott was seen and photographed at Cranberry Marsh Whitby on Thursday Aug 20 2020. Looks like a popular spot for our juveniles this year. Here is hoping he has a safe and successful migration south.

Thanks to Greg Dudley for sending this report and for his fantastic photo.

Timbit released and fine

June 06, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Timbit’s release went well. Just as Mark was putting the hatch door back on he took off east in a strong flight. Bruce found him on the Munich building roof so he had lots of altitude. Now we just need his sister to take a couple flights, stay high and fly well.

Bruce Rescues Epione and Timbit

June 05, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

2 chicks rescued at ground at Sheraton. The first was Epione who was picked up from the pool level by Bruce and released back to the nest ledge by Mark the second was Timbit picked up at ground level late last night and will go back to the nest today. Way to go Bruce!!!

Report from Tracy 3 have fledged

June 02, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Toronto Sheraton Hotel fledge watch update day two. Bruce has been watching Vimy all day. He has been fairly low for the most part but has flown rather well when he did fly. He flew over to old City Hall and spent some time there and made several other very decent flights with good control. His last flight ended up right back where he started at Bay and Richmond about 30 feet off of the ground. In scanning the ledges in between watching his low bird Bruce confirmed that two others have fledged. We are only guessing that the other two fledged birds are the other boys. Currently we can only guess at their whereabouts. Bruce has walked through all of the usual areas and I did the same. While I was on the north side of the EY building I could clearly hear a juvenile sounding off but I couldn’t locate it. At the same time I could also hear the young one on the ledge as well as the other fledgling somewhere in the vicinity of the Hilton. Tomorrow Bruce will connect with security to check the pool area of the Sheraton. He will also continue to check the areas in which we have heard the juveniles responding to seeing the adults flyover. With a little work and some luck we will hopefully have all three fliers in view tomorrow. I especially want to thank the staff at the Toronto Sheraton hotel for allowing Bruce a space to park while he comes down and watches over their young ones. The staff at the Sheraton have been exceptionally supportive and we could not do this without you. Thank you so much! As I was walking to my car where I am currently sitting writing this post, the Hilton and the Sheraton have together done something rather special with their hotels. A picture says 1000 words.

First Fledge

June 01, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Our first fledge is out the gate at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel for 2020! Little Vimy has taken flight and is now sitting about 30 feet above Richmond Street on a window ledge. He’s got himself on a pretty decent ledge but his next flight will take him…? Bruce has been down this afternoon watching him and will be back tomorrow for the day to keep eyes on this family. The chicks here are all between 37 and 39 days of age today and so this fledge watch is on!. If anybody would like to join in the fun and join us in downtown Toronto to help with the watch any time you can give would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to come out please contact us at 416-481-1233

It’s 3 boys and a girl!! Banding day

May 19, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Two bandings today - this morning was at Toronto /Sheraton Centre… Welcome Timbit(male, 615g, 26 days old, banded 02/AW, Blue tape), Vimy(male, 630g, 26 days old, banded 05/AW, white tape), Epione(female, 875g, 25 days old, banded Z/37, Red tape) and Marriott(male, 610g, 26 days old, banded 06/AW, yellow tape)! Congrats to Mum(unbanded) and Dad… Stormin! Yes, Toronto’s long time resident, is calling Sheraton home this year, and he’s looking good too