!!! Some great shots of Sandy from a different view!! Nice!!!!

July 19, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 19th - 2015

Trying to catch-up with some of the back logged observation reports, we found this report from Lesley Togawa that got grabbed by the new anti-spam software :-( - (along with allot of other mail)!
Thank you much Lesley for sharing these shots and observation report with us!!!

Lesley writes:
Some photos of Sandy(?) enjoying the beautiful weather today and putting on an amazing airshow flying right by our window. We can see the nest at the top of the Sheraton and have watched Sandy daily since she hatched.

!!! Someone new at the Toronto Sheraton Centre Hotel?????????

August 28, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

August 28th - 2015

After being away , we’re only now just trying to catch-up with all of the back logged mail and news. Thank you to Olga for capturing and sending in this web cam shot of an adult on the Toronto Sheraton Hotel nest ledge. What makes this shot VERY VERY interesting, is that the adult peregrine in her photograph appears NOT TO BANDED!!??

After spending some time this morning with the photo in Photoshop, trying to blow it up and playing with the light to get a better perspective on the shot, it still appears that the bird is NOT dawning any leg bands!!!

If this is the case, could one of the long standing resident adults (Tiago or Rhea-Mae) have been displaced / replaced,, or simply just not at home when this un-banded adult dropped in????????

!!! Sandy back on the ledge!

July 13, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 13th - 2015
Sandy continues to hang close to the nest ledge these days, and its very nice to see her on cam!
Photo sent in from Olga.
Thanks MUCH Olga!!

!!! Sandy back home on the ledge with mom!

July 08, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

July 8th - 2015
After reading the sad news from Etobicoke…fly free Mel!… I know you could use some good news.

Sandy has returned to the nest ledge at the Sheraton!

She posed for the camera for a few minutes then took a nap before flying off. I’m happy to see she’s doing well!


Sandy Staying In The Area

July 08, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Fledgling Sandy continues to do well under the careful eyes of Rhea Mae and Tiago. She is staying close to home as the adults continue to care for her and teach her flight lessons and hunting tactics.  Earlier today all three were seen flying high over the area of the Sheraton Hotel.  This evening, Sandy was seen on another roof top. I think she must have just been fed as she had a full crop.  She will remain in the area with the adults for another month or so, until she is fully independent of the adults. In the meantime, volunteers will continue to keep track of her.

The Sheraton Airshow is On!

July 08, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Harry Crawford Reports:

Alex and I met at the Sheraton Centre at 10am. Nothing was visible from ground level so we went up to Sheraton 43. An adult was on the northwest corner of 130 Adelaide W. A few minutes later, we saw a bird flying high and to the south. It circled back and headed towards us. It was Sandy! She was close enough to see her dark chest and appeared to head for the Sheraton roof. Down to street level south of 120 Adelaide W we went. Alex spotted her head just to the right of the swing stage. She remained there until workers appeared on the roof behind her. She took off and headed towards Scotia Plaza and mom joined her. She was so high and flying like an adult.

We were about to call it a day and thought of dropping by Osgoode Hall and bring Irena up to date. We were on the sidewalk on University Ave. just west of Osgood Hall when Alex spotted an adult, Rhea-Mae, on Canada Life just below the weather beacon. Sandy comes in from the south and mom joins her. Then in comes Tiago and we have an airshow. What a spectacular fifteen minutes of flying. At times they were quite high. Alex spotted Sandy talon touching with mom. It was just luck that we were there to see this as they are now all over the place.

!!! Patience is rewarded

July 03, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

After so many days of watching Sandy sit on the ledge and then take flight without me, and not really seeing her flying, I was treated to a wonderful sight this evening.

I arrived at University and Richmond Street shortly before 5p.m. and discovered Sandy sitting on a lower roof level in the area of the hotel. I repositioned and she was gone.

I walked along east along Adelaide Street and as I approached York St, I noticed a group of pigeons on the roof of the Starbuck’s. I took notice because they were grouped together, which I thought was somewhat odd. I took a closer look with my binoculars and OMG. Yes, there was a pigeon, but it was dinner and Rhea Mae was prepping it for Sandy!  As Rhea Mae plucked and poked, Sandy watched with intensity. Rhea Mae then starting eating it and Sandy was pleading for her to feed her.  Rhea Mae continued eating, teasing Sandy with every mouth full. Sandy then starting grabbing Rhea Mae’s tail feathers and poking her beak into Rhea Mae’s backside. Very Funny to see. Sandy then footed Rhea Mae and tried to grab the prey. Rhea Mae gave in and started feeding Sandy. Minutes later Rhea Mae flew off and Sandy continued to eat.

Enter another unsuspecting pigeon who tried to land and take part in feast along with a Gull. In flies Tiago and ran the two of them off. Sandy continued eating and Tiago moved closer and grabbed the prey. Sandy was not happy and started screaming at Tiago. Tiago finished off the meal and Sandy sat quietly and watched. After the meal Tiago and Sandy flew north and were last seen flying circles over the Opera House.

What a sight, and after so many days of not seeing much activity from any of them, it was a delight. I’m sorry I didn’t have a camera with me, I would have had wonderful and memorable  pictures.

Staying close to home

July 02, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Sandy must be a morning bird, as most of her activity is early in the day. This afternoon and late evening, Sandy stayed on the same near by roof top and I did not see her flying with Rhea Mae or Tiago. Rhea Mae was cruising the neighbourhood, looking a little ragged in the tail and wing feathers. Tiago appeared for a short evening flight around the Shangri-La Hotel and then he returned to the nest ledge to oversee Sandy. At 8pm, Sandy went to her usual overnight spot, Tiago was on the nest ledge, and Rhea Mae was last seen heading down University Ave. to King Street and disappeared.  See you tomorrow Sandy.

Sandy Had a Busy Morning

July 02, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Harry Crawford Reports:

This morning, Sandy could be found on four buildings:  the opera house stage roof, 133 Richmond W, the Google building and the one just to the west of it.  It was hard to get sight lines in some of the places she landed.  Her flights looked very good but I wasn’t able to see her landings.  Alex took over the watch at lunchtime.

Sandy, gaining confidence

June 30, 2015 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Sandy has been on the move this evening, flying from roof top to roof top, but not gaining a lot of height, but flying more frequently and learning as she goes. She is now familiar with the glass windows of the north side of 130 Adelaide St. She tried to land on the frames three times this evening. She was gaining some height this evening, but the last attempt, she lost her grip and flew out of sight. Rhea Mae and Tiago keeping a close eye on her from a distance. I guess she’s tucked in for the night again.