!!! April 24, 2016 # 3

April 25, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Egg number 3 arrived for Rhea Mae and Tiago on the morning of April 24.

!!! Second Egg April 22 2016

April 22, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Rhea Mae and Tiago have their second egg today.

The first attempt had the eggs outside the tray and both eggs failed.

A New Egg and Renewed Hope for a Hatch at Toronto Sheraton

April 17, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

In the wee hours of the morning Rhea Mae has laid a new egg in the nest tray at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel.  The first two eggs for her and Tiago were laid outside of the nest tray; the first breaking within 24 hours and the second being lost to the cold and snow as the adults attention was drawn away from incubating.

A few weeks ago Linda and I spent a bit of time investigating what could be causing them such stress and we discovered that they truly are feeling some pressure.  Two new buildings are being put up right in front of the ledge which can be seen in cam view.  While that in and of itself is something they have dealt with before, they have the added pressure of repair work on rooftops they normal roost on as well as a third unknown peregrine in the area that we watched them actively engage over to the east near the Scotia Tower.

Hopefully this new egg laid in the nest tray is a good sign that life on this particular ledge is settling down and allowing the pair to work towards another successful nesting season.

!!! Unfortunately, both eggs have failed

April 07, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

At this time it appears that not only the second egg laid by Rhea Mae has failed but so has the first egg. The first egg can still be seen, but has been unattended since before the latest snowfall.  Rhea Mae and Tiago are still visiting the nest ledge and hopefully will lay new eggs and begin to incubate.

!!! Congratulations Toronto Sheraton!

April 07, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Jan Chudy Reports:

Checking in from France at 2:19 p.m. ,local time, I managed to catch a photo of the first 2016 egg.  Yippee!!


First 2016 egg

!!! Poor Rapphie What to do about these Females

April 05, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

On April 4th Tessa a female hatched in 2014 and banded Y 82 with red tape at the Holcim Cement plant in Mississauga and the unbanded resident female at the Statler Towers in Buffalo battled it out fighting over the nest box.

Poor Ralphie the resident male who is also a Canadian bird produced at the Downtown Toronto Sheraton Hotel in 2014 just had to get the heck out of their way and let the girls fight it out. There was at the time 1 egg in the nest and the female held her ground to protect it even though Tessa had her pinned down for several minutes until they both tumbled out to the box together. All was caught on camera and can be seen on the link below. The resident female was seen in the best the nest morning so it looks like Tessa was not successful in winning the nest this time. The DEC has installed several nest boxes at other nearby Buffalo sites so hopefully Tessa will find her own mate and pick one of the unoccupied nest boxes.

Lets hope Ralphie and his mate have a successful hatch this year and there are no more fights.

Tessa and Unbanded Female Fight Video

!!! One egg broken!

March 29, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

March 29 - 2016
It would appear that one of two recently laid eggs has been broken :-(

Sadly, this is one of the typical results of an urban nest ledge,, where there is little to no nesting sub-straight base for the peregrines to dig out a proper nest bowl to contain and coddle the eggs in safety so they can be incubated properly. (Thus the need for a nest tray and proper nesting sub-straight)! But,,

For what ever reason, the resident female decided to lay her eggs outside of the nest tray this season, and as we have seen many times over the past 20 years where the peregrines have not used the nest tray, the results are all too familiar.

Once again, there seems to be lots of activity on and off of the Toronto Sheraton nest ledge, but the adults are not giving us any decent views of their leg bands and positive identification has yet to be confirmed.

!!! TWO EGGS at the Toronto Sheraton!

March 28, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Volunteer Reports:

March 28th - 2016

A quick look at the Toronto downtown Sheraton nest site later tonight in the darkness and we found one of the resident adults roosting quietly on the corner of the nest tray. In the background, slightly below the bird, you can clearly see that there is now a second egg!

!!! Still only one egg, and they moved it!

March 28, 2016 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Monday March 28th - 2016

While its still too soon to venture a guess (other than the obvious), as to what’s going on at the Toronto Sheraton nest site, (and not being able to confirm the “who’s who” yet),, the first egg was observed on March 26th, clearly visible in the night webcam shot captured and posted by Linda. Good going Linda!

As Linda notes, the first egg was deposited both outside, and to the left of the nest tray.

This morning, (March 28th), the egg is now in a different position, several inches beyond the end of the nest tray in a well defined scrape. So, it appears that one of the resident pair have been busy moving the egg into the scrape!

After several hours of watching the live video this morning and early afternoon, I was able to capture a few more webcam shots of one of the resident adults (believed to be that of the adult male given its smaller size) that finally took up some incubation duties.

After careful review of the webcam photos taken, this adult appears to be dawning a solid Black coloured leg band on its left leg and a silver band on its right leg.

Unfortunately, I was NOT able to get a positive identification or ID of the band numbers as the photo is simply not clear enough, even after some photo-shopping and enlargement :-( Sorry, maybe next time!

The question always remains until band confirmation as to the who’s who at each of the nest sites each spring!

Egg # 1 Sheraton Toronto

- Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Linda Woods Reports:

Rhea Mae and Tiago have their first egg of the 2016 season. Not in the tray this year, but beside it.

2016 # 1