Update on Screaming Legals

September 06, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Screaming Legals from Canada Square was caught this morning at a bander’s station at the Leslie Spit. He weighed 650 grams. He will be released to finish his journey south for the winter wish him well.

Typhoon hatched at Canada Square 2015 now has nest in Brampton

August 19, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

A few days ago I posted some photos from Nick Richardson of the peregrine couple that visit his window ledge. We have since identified the male as Typhoon (Y/17, 2015 hatch from Yonge/Eglinton) and the female as unbanded. Nick has named her ‘FALCO’ .. perfect ❤

Cathy Kerr and I took a trip to Brampton today to get familiar with the locations that have attracted these peregrines in the past. We could not see any birds at the court house and proceeded to downtown Brampton to hopefully find them at their other hang out. After perusing all the buildings in the area, we were thrilled to see someone fly to and land on a condo right near us! It was TYPHOON! Although we didn’t see his mate, we heard him eee-chupping (peregrine sweet talk) so he could see where she was, even if we couldn’t. Sure enough, our waiting paid off and FALCO appeared from the back of the ledge!

What a great day! We know where they are and hope for positive news next spring .. fingers crossed.

In the meantime, we are thankful that TYPHOON and FALCO are frequenting a ledge where they are welcomed! Our sincere thanks to Nick for embracing our couple and keeping us informed and with great photos! Cheers, Lucie

CANADA SQUARE Raptorette Rescue

July 01, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Today I was down early to the site to check on Raptorette after her release the night before. When I got there I had no one. Nope, no one. No parents, no bratty boys and no Raptorette. Ok. Search is on. I took a slow walk over from Duplex across Eglinton towards Yonge and then south. Well I’ll be if I didn’t find Raptorette on the mezzanine level ledge on the east side of Canada Square! Now this position is quite low but it could be worse. The spot is not a total write off for another flight but it is in a sort of canyon created by the buildings. She’s got options so long as she makes good choices and doesn’t…ugh!! Slip…a ledge hop and walk that didn’t work out at all. She fluttered down to a small ledge right above the Scotia Bank; the same spot she was rescued from two evenings ago by the local community. Why she needed to show me her previous rescue location I’ll never know but here she was a mere 10 feet above the sidewalk and the entire ledge was covered in pigeon spikes for whole length. The spikes are bendable and not sharp at all. They are meant to deter nesting, not injure birds. For her they were hampering her ability to open her wings and find good footing. At this point, with traffic screaming past me on Yonge st, I called Bruce for back up. While I watched two amazing members of the community joined me that were keen to help. Their names escape me at the moment as I am too tired to even remember my own!! They took the west side of the street where she was and I gave them instructions of what to do if she came to ground on their side. I positioned myself on the edge of the road at the construction line on the east side so cars saw me and thinking I was trying to cross, they slowed down. Slowed enough that I could make an emergency stop of traffic as it looked like this was going to be a street rescue. The goofy bird walked south, navigating the bending spikes up her rear, between her toes and under her wings. She walked all the way south until she ran out of ledge and just before Bruce could get out of the subway she flew. She came out low over Yonge Street and just barely cruised over a car on her way south. She tried for the low roof of the connecting causeway between the Canada Square towers and came up short clinging to the wall. That meant we needed to go at this again. I was now in the thick of the street and it all happened in slow motion. She let go, dropped a few feet and headed for Yonge Street flying east. She dodged a second car and landed on the retaining wall of the Minto towers mezzanine after which she plopped down into their gardens. A tenant came out and found me in the street just as Bruce arrived and offered to take me up. Yes please. Thanks to Todd I was able to grab her and get her into a carrier. Canada Square community, you are brilliant. To the folks that helped and were prepared to do whatever we reasonably could for the safety of Raptorette I thank you with the most heartfelt and greatest of respect for all of you. You were amazing!! Thank you once again to Canada Square building management for pulling out all of the stops for this family, Paragon security for being the best support for us watchers and all of you for your kindness and support. She’s back on the ledge and we’re back at it tomorrow!! Photo taken by me, Tracy Simpson

CANADA SQUARE Tracy reports

July 04, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

I’m so done. I’m so exhausted. I so wish I could say that I’d had all 6 family members at dusk but I can’t. I can confirm that I had three juveniles in view at once but that’s it. I can say without doubt that I had Raptorette on the north side of Canada Square at nest ledge level. I can say that I had Screaming Legals fly into the nest ledge and then up to the tip of an antenna. He then disappeared to the east out of view. As it was getting dusky, two juveniles flew up to Heart and Stroke roof but I have no idea who they were. I did get pictures but I’m too tired to work them up for a possible ID. I’ve been working in a 52C truck all day and my brain is fried. Bruce said that he’d briefly had all 6 in view but I didn’t at any time have all 4 juveniles. That’s not to say they aren’t all there but after Spicy P’s nose dive onto the theatre roof with a pigeon in his talons I was really hoping to see him to ease my mind. I’m sure they are all there but I need confirmation on Spicy P for sure. The watch is now officially closed and scaled back to spot checks and I’ll be back tomorrow if I can to find Spicy P and rest my stressed head for awhile afterwards. More to come!

Canada Square update July 4th

July 04, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Published by Tracy Simpson · 46 mins ·

CANADA SQUARE - Bruce was down in the morning and had some birds on site but they were backlit and silhouetted and so was unable to get tape color. He was pretty sure he had three. He came back down this afternoon and at one point saw all six members of this family. I have been able to confirm that Screaming Legals with green tape is currently sitting on the Canadian tire building on the very top spire of the highest antenna. I have also been able to confirm that Raptorette is back and is sitting at nest ledge level on the north side of Canada Square. I will be leaving shortly to head up to the CPF raptor centre as in this heat I change their waters daily and sometimes even twice a day depending on how hot it is. With that job pending I want to do that in the light and so I’m hoping, at the very least, to see Spicy P with white tape before I go. That would make my day.


July 03, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Published by Tracy Simpson · 20 hrs ·

I just wrote a decently long post on this site and my internet bugged out and I lost it. I’m not amused so here is the Coles notes. Raptorette flew several times and made it up to Rio Can roof but when she took her next flight she was chased by her brothers in play and she freaked out. She flew due west out of sight and hasn’t returned yet. We are not concerned that she is grounded but it may take her a day to get back. Haven brought in a pigeon for the boys at dusk and thought it was a perfect line up for Spicy P to take a food transfer. Well, in reality he grabbed it off of her. He came down in the area of the Theater roof at 2190 Yonge between the Can Sq. and Can Tire towers out of my view. I was really worried at dark as I hadn’t seen him come up from that and it was a really heavy package for him. I cleared the ground around the whole Canada Square block before I lost all my light and I couldn’t see him down. I left not knowing much and I don’t like that at all so I’m going to bed. Bruce will be in tomorrow morning and I will post what he finds right away. Let’s all wish these kids well as they are driving us nuts!!!

Canada Square update

June 28, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

All 4 seen on nest ledge last night at close of watch. Raptorette (red) not seen flying so only 2 flights seen by watchers so far the boys however are doing great.

Raptorette Flew

June 26, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Lance and I watched the chicks for a couple hours and all they did was sleep in the heat I think they had been fed and were not much interested in flying.

Late this afternoon Raptorette made a short flight out to a crane in front of the nest but missed the landing. She flew towards the Canadian Tire building and hooked back landing on a small scaffold just in front of the nest ledge.
Mark and Tracy joined me watching until early evening Tracy had to go to check on the Mt Sinai chicks. The boys spent most of the evening flying around and in and out of the nest. Spicy P is the best flyer of the 4. The boys are a check mark as far as the watch goes but need to check up on Raptorette who is a bit of a ledge potato and is not making many flights (we have only seen 2 flights from her so far). Mark and I closed the watch at dark and 2 chicks were on the nest ledge and 2 were 2 ledges over with Haven on the roof.

Not the best photos but best I could do with my little camera.

1st picture Raptorette on Scaffold after flight
2nd picture Blue Koji in flight chasing mom for food
3rd shot Green Screaming Eagles on balcony of Duplex apartment
4th shot white Spicy P on top of Nest Building
5th shot white Spicy P on antenna on roof of nest building


June 26, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

I stopped in at Canada Square nest site tonight to check on the four fledglings and see how they were doing. At first I couldn’t find anyone. Then slowly the heads began to pop up as Haven was making passes at pigeons in the neighborhood. The first juvenile to stick it to head up was way up on top of the Rio Can building . It had been flat out sleeping and so was difficult to see. The second juvenile was up on top of the Heart and Stroke building. Another high flier! Haven then settled in on the upright right above the nest ledge and up popped head number three. This juvenile was down on what we call the porch and was looking for some shade. I was still missing one and was waiting patiently for that fourth head to pop up. When it did finally make an appearance, what a grand appearance it was! This juvenile came in from out of nowhere and was soaring on the thermals above the nest building. It continued to circle and soar for a good 2 to 3 minutes before finally landing on the roof of the Canadian Tire building. Unbelievable flight by this one. Three of these juveniles are definitely checkmarks and the fourth, the one on the porch, we will be watching tomorrow to see how it does. I was able to take some photographs of the young ones but being that they are distant I will have to look on my computer at home and blow the photos up to get tape colour and properly identify who is who. More to come.


More photos from banding day - June 6

June 14, 2019 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Cathy Kerr Reports:

The nest ledge is just outside a window, so Lucie took some photos from this perspective