Nest site Summary of 2018

September 05, 2018 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

I know you have all missed keeping track of your local peregrine families but there is good news.

We now have someone to help with the web site and can post all the latest news.

Here is a quick summery of the 2018 nesting season, banding events and fledge watch. If you notice that I have not posted any information about the Bloor and Islington nest site it is because the nest failed this year. O’Connor the adult female has been replaced by a new female who although did lay eggs they did failed to hatch. We are not sure if O’Connor was killed by the new female in a territorial battle or if she has moved to an as of yet unknown location, hopefully the later is true.

Fledge Watch
although the fledge watchers were kept very busy by the fledglings and preformed many rescues we are happy to say that of the 41 chicks banded this season there were only 4 lost and 1 injured.

1 of the chicks lost produced at the Burlington Bridge nest was very sick with Trichominiasis a protozoan infection too advanced to save and who passed during extraction from nest.

The Second loss was Gigi from the Mississauga MEC nest site who unfortunately hit a window and died on impact.

The 3rd was Sun from the Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel nest who had gone missing for over a week and although our watchers made a tremendous effort to find him they began to expect by the end of the week that he passed. Unfortunately he was later found dehydrated and starving he was taken into rehab but passed same day.

I also got a report yesterday that one of the fledglings from 220 Duncan Mill Rd. Was found over the September long weekend in Hamilton with an injured wing. It turns out it is Loki identified by his band number X over 85. x-rays have been taken and shows a broken wrist so we are waiting on a report from the vet to see if this break is operable.

One other injury happened this year to the Adult male Lucifer in Kitchener at the CTV nest site and has been in rehab. Lucifer had a broken with that was operated on and he is now in flight pen to work the wing, His mate Mystery managed to keep her 4 chicks fed and protected but this is where the 4th loss comes in one of the chicks hopped off the nest box onto the tower where he spent a day or 2 and disappeared he was never found on the ground so we assume he was grabbed by and owl during the night. Hopefully all goes well for Lucifer and he will be released back to his mate soon.

Banding Events 2018

We are looking for funding to buy bands for next year as the Federal government is not longer supplying them to the Provinces and the Province of Ontario did not budget for them. If you are interested in supporting the banding program and help protect our Ontario produced falcon chicks please kindy make a donation to The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. You can send a cheque to the foundation at 25 Crouse Rd. Suite 20 Toronto, Ontario M1R 5P8 or go on line and click our donation button on the front page of the web site at Canada Helps.

This year there were several unhatched eggs and most of the chicks hatched were male. The weights at banding age for most of the chicks was also low compared to pervious years.

May 22nd 2018
Mississauga MEC

band Z21

William Osler Hospital

band X14

May 23rd 2018
Windsor Ambassador Bridge

band Y59

May 24th 2018
Hamilton Sheraton Hotel


band Y51

band Y52

band Y60

May 25th 2018
Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital

band Z22

Burlington Lift Bridge

band Y61

band X13

May 29th 2018
220 Duncan Mill Rd.

Male- Thor
band X83

band X84

Male- Loki
band X85

Male- Velcro
band X87

June 5th 2018
Canada Square

band X95

band X97

band R14

June 5th 2018
Rogers Centre

band Z23

Male-Grand Slam
Band Z24

Band X94

June 5th 2018
Toronto Downtown Sheraton Hotel

Male- Geoff
Band X15

Band X92

Band X93

June 6th

OPG Pickering

Female- Millidarry
Band Z25

Band Z26

Male- Chadwick
Band R15

Band Z27

June 6th 2018
Scarborough Yellow Pages

Band R16

Band Z67

June 8th 2018
ADM Mills Port Colborne

Female- Mongolia
Band Z59

Band X03

Male- Macaroon
Band X07

female-Red Velvet
Band Z63

June 20th
Mount Sinai Hospital

Male-Chase ( banded when rescued during fledge)
Band X05

2 other chicks not banded ( believed to be male)

June 27th 2018
Don Mills Amazon

Male-Professor X
Band X04

Female- Chalaza
Band- Z38

June 28th 2018
Kitchener CATV Tower

Band Z39

Female- Sadie
Band Z40

Band X12

Band W92

There were also 2 Quarry sites that produced chicks as did the Mississauga CRH Cement plant but due to bad logistics this year we were unable to get the age of the chicks in time to band. Hopefully we will get the information a bit quicker next year and if we are able to raise the funds needed to continue to band your chicks.

I will post some photos soon

Fledge watch for Canada Square

June 17, 2017 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

We will begin the watch on June 23rd. stay tuned for updates on the chicks.

Banding Day at Canada Square

June 12, 2017 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

June 12th 2017

3 chicks all boys banded. 1 of the chicks went missing just before banding perhaps it got pushed off the ledge by one of it’s siblings.

Male 615 grams banded X 78 named Jazz with blue tape
Male 650 grams banded X 82 named Taxco with red tape
Male 670 grams banded X 79 named Paro with Green tape.

All 3 seamed very healthy.
Photos to come.

!!! Checked in on the Fledglings and all are accounted for

June 26, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Bruce Massey Reports:

June 26th 2016
Spot checked at 8:30 this morning and found 2 fledglings high at nest level on Canada Square and one at one at theater level having breakfast with Malik. All is well!

All fledglings keeping high and landing a bit better now-so the watch is winding down

June 25, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

June 25th 2016

Today all 3 chicks had some flights in the morning and all 3 returned to the nest building. With the heat no one flew in the afternoon, not even the adults. As it cooled down a bit after 8:00 PM Louise was coaxed to fly by mom and she made a very nice flight to Rio Can landing on the same places the adults do then off to TVO following mom then back to Rio Can. Dad came in and fed Quasar but up until then no one had been fed at all too hot to hunt or perhaps weaning of the chicks was on the adults mind. It is time for them to come and get the food not have it delivered.

Symphony and Quasar were on the nest building and Louise was on Rio Can when we left them tonight. We will be winding down the watch now to spot checks and will post any interesting developments and photos we may get. We are now off to start the watch at Scarborough Yellow Pages and hope they do as well.

!!! Maybe flying, BUT, the fledglings are still inexperienced and get into trouble needing your help!

June 25, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Mark Nash Reports:

June 25th - 2016
The question has been asked of us repeatedly over the past 20 years and most forget the answers.

As fledglings, the young peregrines become flighted around 40 days old and often have to be rescued from the ground (among many other things, including garbage dumpsters, mechanical rooms, air conditioning chillers pools to name only just a few) and unable to get free and back into the air.

Inexperienced, heavy and over weight - laden with all of that excessive very heavy baby fat,, and basically lacking the confidence (and experience) to hold their altitude and stay aloft!

That being said, even after they have become flighted, there is still much to learn for the fledglings to be able to hold their altitude and actually stay aloft! Windows are a constant threat until they learn what they are, and able to recover from collisions and bumps into the office tower windows,, (this is of course if they don’t kill or severely injure themselves after these collisions). The good news, if they collide and survive,, they do learn and avoid these dangers down the road!! :-)

For those young fledglings that actually survive these window (and concrete collisions) uninjured, it really shakes the confidence out of them, and it usually takes them a period of time before they attempt another flight. Not all of them are eager to get back on the horse as they say!

Then there is the glass balcony’s that many of the fledglings get stuck behind (even after they are flighted, sometime weeks after they have actually fledged)!!

The good news is that we get allot of the calls from concerned folks and able to respond to do the balcony rescues. Some, as in this case,, (Pictured is Quasar from the Canada Square nest site at Yonge & Eglinton today) that has just spent over an hour trapped on a balcony behind the glass.

Sadly, the little fledglings don’t understand why they simply can’t fly through the glass and get free and airborne again! They do although eventually learn what glass is, but its a trial and error and learning experience that their parents really can’t teach them. They must learn many of these life lessons of survival themselves through trial and error!

In this case, Quasar finally figured out that if you use the chair arm to get higher, you maybe able to reach the balcony rail above the glass and get airborne again. And in this case, the owner / occupant of the condo unit was home (who took the photos),, and called the TWC, who called the CPF.

Quasar did get free all on his own!! No rescue needed on this one!

Unfortunately, this situation does not always have a happy ending like this one. While we have successfully completed many glass balcony rescues over the years,, (seems like we do several each year these days as so many more condo balcony’s are now glass, and so many hi-rise condos now) - before and long after the organized fledge watches,, some of the fledglings were trapped behind the glass balconies where the owner/occupant was away on vacation for weeks, and we obviously didn’t see the fledgling get trapped in the first place and no one was home to call!

Remember that even long after the young peregrines have fledged and holding their altitude,, they can (and do) still become trapped behind glass balconies weeks after we have finished the organized street fledge watches.

Some of these balconies didn’t have furniture that the young fledglings could use to help them get above the glass and off the balcony. In several cases, the adult parents didn’t see them either, and on two occasions, these young fledglings simply starved to death while being trapped behind the glass.

What a terrible way to die,, alone and starved to death! :-(

So, while the organized fledge watch maybe completed, (we can only stay so long and do so much),, the fledglings are still very vulnerable and we need everyone’s support to keep an eye out for them. Remember, they are just like young kids, with MUCH to learn,, and their parents can only do so much!!

A big thank you to Julia at the TWC and the owner/occupant who called in to report this (and for the great photos) that highlighted the situation!!

!!! Symphony back home

June 24, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

June 24th 2016

Spending my Birthday with my feathered friends :)

We arrived to find no fledglings at the nest this morning so I went on a walkabout to try to find Quasar and Louise who must have taken off early. Malik was sitting on the farthest north ledge so I expected they were not too far away but where, cant find then on the block. I know from all the years on the watch at this site that it is best to just sit and watch the adults sooner or later they will come in with food and the chicks will pop up someplace and start yelling to be fed. I sat down to wait for Mom or Dad to show me where they were.

When Bruce arrived I took a trip to the store on Eglinton and Duplex for some water and sure enough mom flew into view and the chicks sounded off. Bruce spotted Louise on Rio Can and I found Quasar on TVO. Quasar’s spot on TVO had a ledge that dropped down a couple feet. He was up and down several times so that is why I could not find him when I got there he must have been down out of site and Louise was so tight to the corner of Rio Can she was very easy to miss until she moved.

Bruce was very worried about Symphony and decided to head off north in search of her once again and I stayed to keep an eye on the other 2.
Bruce came back about and hour and a half later hot and tired having pounded the Pavement for several blocks with no luck. I told him don’t worry there is a very good chance she will make her way home, yesterdays flight was high and strong she is likely up on a balcony somewhere.

Mark joined us at 6:00 PM and was just setting up the scope when Bruce shouted who’s that pointing up at the roof top of Rio Can, We all looked up and could confirm that it was Symphony back from her adventure. She spent a little time there then flew to the nest building landing on the top of the roof.

The evening ended at dark with all 3 chicks in the same place and all safe and high.

!!! Not the best finish to the day :-(

June 23, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Mark Nash Reports:

June 23rd - 2016
While it was a good day overall today on the Uptown Toronto fledge watch here at the Canada Square, the day’s fledge closed on a downer note.

We arrived early this morning and much to our delight, all three juveniles were still high on the nest building,, exactly where we had left them at darkness last night when we closed the fledge watch for the evening. Louise was on the upper west porch ledge to the right of the nest ledge, Quasar was on the upper nest ledge porch and Symphony was still on the upper west balcony level, and both parents were in view.

The day was much cooler with no humidity and overcast, and I must say absolutely delightful in comparison to the 30 plus degrees and debilitating humidity that we had to deal with two days ago!!

So first the good news,, Louise finally took her first flight this afternoon and was successful in returning back to the exact ledge that she started from,, (this after bumping off a few windows on the RioCan building while trying to land on the small concrete pillars on the south wall of the building that her parents are often found roosting on),, and then trying to land on the top of one of the black columns above the nest ledge level on the Canada Square nest building.

Throughout her entire flight, her father - “Malik” flew by her side like her wing man,, and accompanied her in an effort to steer her clear and guid her to a safe landing, but alas, you know kids,, rarely do they listen to their parents! Thus was the case,, with several bumps with the windows, (some window washing as we say), and some concrete busting, they eventually learn by their mistakes, through trial and error,, Louise flew back around to the nest building , collided with the concrete and flopped back down to the ledge where she began her.

For the next hour, she hunkered down out of our sight on the ledge with an obvious bruised ego and shaken confidence. While we knew that the concrete busting was not life threatening or hard enough to cause her injury we waited patiently for her to pop back up into our view,,, and she eventually did, obviously no worse for ware. She remained on this ledge for the balance of the day and eventually settled down by darkness when we departed for the evening.

Quasar on the other hand, stayed tight to her ledge all day, with lost of screaming both to and at her parents during many of their fly-bys, with lost of flapping and several down and outright tantrums!!

Now the not so good news,,, with Symphony taking her second flight. Late this afternoon, Symphony took to the air for the second time and flew north up Duplex finally landing on a west facing balcony of the apartment building just north of Eglinton. The good news is that she didn’t lose any altitude. The bad news, is that she was now out of sight of both the nest building and her parents. Bruce repositioned himself further north on Duplex to keep a direct line of sight on her while Cathy Marion and myself stayed firm to keep an eye on the other two siblings fearing that all of the adults fly-bys would have them bolting into flight.

After more than an hour of roosting quietly on the apartment balcony, she bolted into the air flying north on Duplex and was quickly out of Bruce’s view. Bruce, Cathy and myself searched the area further to the north, west and east but we were unable to locate her. The good news is that she had a great deal of altitude and a rather strong flight.

Unfortunately, by the time darkness fell and the end of the days fledge watch, Symphony’s location had eluded us and her location remained a mystery.

We are hopeful that we will be able to locate her tomorrow.

A Few Photos from Canada Square

June 23, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I was on the watch this past Tuesday and had a great time with the Canada Square family.  Haven and Malik stayed hidden for most of the morning and made a huge impression on us all in the pursuit of lunch for the girls.  Symphony was the most active and I am not surprised that she was the first to fledge.  Just before I left on Tuesday we also were treated to a Turkey vulture determent session from the resident adults.  My picture was too far away to be detailed but it sure shows the size difference between the two!!

Malik Haven Pre Flight Symphony TV Attack

!!! 2 fledged today 1 rescue.

June 22, 2016 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Marion Nash Reports:

Before I got to the watch today Toronto Police 53 Division called to let me know that one of the falcons was down. I asked them to try a rescue and that I was on my way. By the time Mark and I had arrived the fledgling had evaded their attempt to capture her and was now in their back parking lot. Mark was able to easily net her and found that she was just fine so we put her in the rescue carrier for a trip back to the balcony just below the nest ledge where her parents can continue her care and give another chance and the altitude she needs to fly. Thanks to our great friends at 53 division Symphony lives another day and has a second chance.

Message from 53 Division
Attached are some photos from today’s rescue. We were all very happy that we had a small helping hand in making sure that Symphony was safe and returned to her nest. I also have a short video (about 1 min, 11 seconds long), of the rescue however I’m not able to email it as it is too long. I will try to send it to your Foundation’s FB page.

Kim Hollett #86812
53 Division
Toronto Police Service

After Symphony’s rescue we had a chance to scope the nest ledge and only saw Louise no Quasar. Mark went in search of Quasar while I kept an eye on Louise but not long after he left I saw Dad swoop down and land just above the mall entrance across Eglinton very low, too low for an adult so I suspected our Quasar might be there somewhere. Less than 2 minutes later she pooped up out of a depression on the ledge right beside her dad and took flight west on Eglinton very low and dad chased after her, I radioed Mark and took off after the pair up Eglinton where I saw them hook back to the east heading back to Canada Square and home and with a little help from the wind and her dad who flew under her and bumped her up from below 3 times she made it right back to the porch beside Louise and a safe landing what a great dad!