MEC Check. Two Girls at Home

July 14, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

From the Holcim site I decided to head up to MEC on my way back north to check in on the progress of Hawkeye, Ieva and Adrianna.  Reports from Winston of the girls trying to hunt on their own had me excited to see how well they are doing.  MEC is such an incredible site supporting the family from both an environmental and positive human interaction perspective.  This site is one of the more challenging ones in the respect that for the fledglings to find a mid level height to land on and work their way back up to the nest ledge height, they have to go across the street; a long flight for a young bird.  This year we performed 5 rescues at MEC and today I sat at MEC 3 and was enjoying watching our success as a community flying around driving the parents just nuts!

I found Renegade on the Desjardins sign preening and there was no sign of anyone else.  Wait…  …what was that?  I could hear one of the girls but couldn’t see her.  Oh yes, there she is!  On the ledge at MEC 4 hiding behind her enormous crop!!!  Even though she was obviously quite full she was screaming like she hadn’t eaten in a week.  Wow.  At this time of day when Robert Speck Parkway quietens down that screaming really, really echos!!  I found another one of the girls by following the screaming over at MEC 2 with just as big a crop as the first.  Jeepers, what are they complaining about!!  The juvenile on MEC 2 took off and headed for MEC 1 with her sister hot on her tail.  They both landed on the northeast corner of the nest ledge and continued to complain about nothing.  Midnight was not on site and the third juvenile was off on an adventure as well.

It was so great to see the girls doing well.  A reminder of why we do what we do on fledge watch!!  Thank you to the MEC community of supporters.  These three girls are well on their way!

!!! The fledglings are flying high!! Dining at the top of the world!

July 02, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

July 2nd - 2015
After my visit to the Mississauga Community centre for their day camp presentation with Nova (one of our feathered educational peregrines), I was able to swing over to Colliers at the MEC nest site and pick up all of the towels that were donated to the Canadian Peregrine foundation in their Towels for Talons drive.

A huge thank you to both Colliers and all that supported and donated towels to the CPF!!!
With an added bonus, just as I was departing, the loud screams of a fledgling falcon rang out from above, and I got a opportunity to photograph one of the adults as it brought in food to the two fledglings high up on one of the upper elevations of the condo just south of MEC #4.

Very nice to see then indeed!

MEC Check. All Three Girls Learning to Hunt.

June 30, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Winston went by and did a spot check on Adrianna, Ieva and Hawkeye and was treated to all three girls working on the next phase of training. Hunting. He tells me that he found all three girls on the north side of MEC 1 that is now serving as a launch site for their hunting forays. One was already eating when he arrived and Adrianna was lining up for a hunt of the creek valley corridor. She took off, tucked and stooped up the valley out of Winston’s sight. She missed her target and ended up landing briefly in a tree and having a serious argument with a blackbird. A second female was also trying this tactic but staying higher than her sister avoiding the use of those gnarly trees. Great news is that all three ladies are flying high and doing great. Thanks so much to Winston for checking on the girls.

MEC Check

June 21, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

Thank you so much to Winston who stopped in last night for a quick peek on how our three girls are doing. Winston writes;

My spot check took over an hour but I finally got all three girls flying high between the MEC buildings. All were flying high, sustained and with confidence. They were even playing 3way tag during their big flight.


MEC Check In. All Four High Flying.

June 18, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

A huge thank you to Winston for stopping in at MEC last night and sharing an update on the progress of our three girls there.  When he arrived, he found one on the roof of the CIBC being beak fed and a second young one on MEC 2.  After a few minutes, a second female appeared on the roof of the CIBC so he now had all three in view.  When one of the adults came in with food, one of the girls flew from the CIBC roof to MEC 1 and back in pursuit of the meal that was being brought in and was flying like a pro.  A little later on another flight from CIBC to MEC 2 chasing an adult off its perch, most likely Adrianna as she’s been doing this for a few days now.  The second female remained on the roof of the CIBC having a freak out rather than joining her sister in the chase of the parent.  The adult flew over and landed on the roof of the Morguard building which encouraged the juvenile still remaining on the CIBC roof to take off and attempt to knock the adult off of Morguard.  Play nice now girls!

All in all the three young females at MEC are flying high, building confidence and learning the finesse of flight.  Thank you so much Winston for that update!  Watch for the next phase of flight school to come where the girls will be interacting with each other and the adults in the air.  It’s spectacular!

MEC Spot Check Monday

June 17, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

We decided that even though all three girls aren’t champions as of yet, that they are all capable fliers and we would scale the watch back to spot checks as of Monday.  The Islington and Bloor Boys Club are ready for flights any day/minute now and we need to divert our resources there.

Bruce and I both met up at MEC for an evening check and head count.  Ieva was now back on the Accenture building and looking calm and happy.  She had the last of a crop visible so the parents had fed her not that long ago.  Hawkeye was now at the top of Morguard sitting on the roof with her sister Adrianna who, being a star flier, was behaving like a total pest.  She would fly off over to Square One and come barreling back to Morguard with the idea of knocking Hawkeye into the air.  She succeeded in knocking onto the roof where the two tussled for a minute or two and then she was off again.  This went on the entire evening.  Adrianna pestering Hawkeye until she finally bit her sisters toes really hard and that put the two on the rooftop scraping like sisters.  Minutes later they were on the roof edge snuggled and preening.

Ieva was still on the Accenture roof and being rather quiet.  We put all of our attention on her and I was joined by Winston later that evening.  As it was getting late, Ieva finally decided on a flight and she took off towards MEC 2 but was only half way up.  She circled back and started to fly back and forth over Accenture gaining elevation as she went.  This was impressive as the air was dead calm and sticky which is hard enough to walk in let alone fly.  She finally went for the top of the Morguard building and came up short.  She did the bat on the wall for a minute and dropped down into the air.  She flew towards the CIBC and I thought for sure she was going to make contact with the glass but she put her feet up and grabbed the glass frame.  When she let go she fluttered right back to Accenture landing two feet higher than when she left.  Not what she wanted but it was an awesome flight with some great decisions on where to go and how to get there.  I am not worried about Ieva now.  She will get there, most likely in the morning, and with a bit of wind assistance I think she will be well on her way.

The full time watch at MEC is now over.  We will continue to spot check the girls and report on their progress as we are now moving, quickly I might add, to Islington and Bloor as the four boys there are getting ready.  I would like to thank the MEC community, building management, Garda Security and all the tenants that supported their peregrine family this year.  I would especially like to thank Katherine, Margaret, Grace, Winston, Shannon and Bruce who made this watch possible and our successes great.  My friends, we completed 5 rescues of these three girls and gave them all a second chance at making a first impression.  Look at them now.  This team effort of watchers and community made this all possible and I thank you so much for your efforts!

MEC on Sunday

June 17, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

We decided that the girls needed at least one more day to ensure that they were flying and landing well so on Sunday, I opened the watch and Bruce came down to close.  When I arrived, I was doing my head count and found Ieva and Hawkeye on the Accenture building and Adrianna…  …well now where did you go?  She was on top of the Morguard building last night at dusk.  I scanned around and found her on top of the Desjardins logo at MEC 3!  Awesome dearie, you’re just fine.  I set up at the Accenture parking lot to watch the other two and I have to tell you, had I not been paying attention I would have missed Hawkeye’s flight and been none the wiser.  She was sitting on the top of the mechanical area on the roof and I could just see the top of her head.  She flew out straight towards Morguard and I just caught the movement out of the corner of my eye.  I watched her flap like mad and flew directly up to the Morguard sign on the west side of the building and land like aces!  She stayed for 42 seconds and then flew back down to the exact spot she just left.  Her attempt to sneak one flight in while I wasn’t watching didn’t work.  Nice try.  A great flight by Hawkeye, you’re just fine missy.

Ieva.  Hmmm.  She has flown several times over the past few days and has demonstrated an ability to land fairly well.  It would seem that her confidence has taken a knock or two though.  Each little flight she did was braver and bolder than the next until something didn’t quite work out and she was back to running and screaming.  She is certainly not far behind the other two girls and is doing ok.  Bruce took over for the afternoon and had Adrianna flying between MEC rooftops now.  Hawkeye made another great flight that took her to a window ledge on Morguard just below the roof line.  Ieva practiced running and has now become a pro at it!  As the evening set in Ieva took another flight, this time a big one, that had her heading home to the MEC complex.  She was too low and Midnight knew it so she met her out above the Hurontario intersection and flew with her.  Ieva brushed MEC 1 and continued north out of view with Midnight flying with her.  The two then came back and Ieva tried for Morguard.  No dice.  She then circled around and tried CIBC and was too low for a sign or roof landing so she settled for the low ledge she had been on before.  A great flight that took a good deal of puff out of her.  There she stayed for the night and although all three girls are now more than capable, Bruce and I agreed that a few hours spot check tomorrow was prudent.

MEC Update. Spot Checks Now in Order

June 16, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I will be posting the highlights of Sunday and yesterday this evening for you to read about and enjoy but I wanted to post our fledge watch status before running out the door to work.

After last night watching the three girls we are officially scaling back the full time fledge watch to spot checks.  While they are not all flying high yet they have all displayed an ability to fly, maintain altitude and control as well as make good decisions on targets to fly to and landing locations.  We believe that the danger of grounding at this point is minimal.

Please check back tonight for the final reports of the full time watch on Sunday and yesterday.

MEC; Saturday Flights

June 16, 2015 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

There was a lot of action with the three MEC girls this weekend, too much to go into detail here as they are now flying quite well, so we figured we report the highlights for you.

We started off Saturday with girls, well, everywhere.  Ieva had been located on the low ledge of the CIBC building along with Adrianna and Hawkeye was supposed to be still in her tree…  …supposed to be.  Katherine and I began the search at 630am and it didn’t take us long to find her on the roof of the Accenture building.  Wow.  Not bad at all!  Adrianna flew the short distance across the street to join her sister and landed on the lower level of the Accenture roof.  Food came in to Hawkeye and although she stepped back out of view with it, when she reappeared she had a nice little crop so she is eating despite her beak remaining slightly ajar.  Excellent.  Adrianna tried to get up on to the top level of the roof and missed, sliding down the sloped portion right back to where she started.  Ieva wound herself up to go and join her sisters and when she was primed, off she went and made it.  All three girls reunited for the first time since first flights.  The afternoon lull was just that with the three now exploring the rooftop, resting and preening.  It wasn’t until later in the evening that the three once again were looking for some yummies.  They didn’t expect the “yummies” to fly in and land beside them though!  Grace and Bruce watched as two pigeons flew in and landed beside Adrianna and Ieva; so began the staring contest.  The pigeons sat there and displayed in front of two hungry juveniles when all of a sudden…  …her comes Renegade!  He chased them off of the roof and through the Accenture parking lot at about 6 feet above the ground.  Both Renegade and the two pigeons disappeared from view and life on the rooftop went back to normal…  …no wait.  The pigeons are back again.  This time Midnight took them on and mommy bird wasn’t playing around.  While we are unsure as to the fate of the two goofy pigeons we do know that they did not return to that roost again.

Adrianna is truly the ring leader here and the bravest of the three girls.  She took off and tried for the Morguard building and landed on a window ledge several stories below the roof line but landed none the less.  She was rewarded by Renegade with a nice big meal, pigeon perhaps, after which she pancaked out for a nap.  The two girls on the Accenture building were now getting excited and Hawkeye was game to try this.  Winston watched her take off and try for home although she was way short on elevation.  She brushed the glass of MEC 2 about half way up and turned back towards Hurontario.  She pumped it…  …HARD…  …and made it all the way up to the sign on the south side of the CIBC.  Good gravy!  That was a very impressive recovery from a brush and a very powered flight with purpose and determination.  She then flew over to the Morguard building and landed on a window ledge.  She finally came back to the top of the Accenture building and that is where Saturday ended.  Adrianna on Morguard after a great flight.  Hawkeye on Accenture having done her own epic flight.  Ieva on the lower level of the Accenture building having run the entire perimeter of the roof and tuckered herself out.   A great day with the three girls and two of them well on their way.

Friday at MEC. Oh Boy.


Tracy Simpson Reports:

We left off the three girls at MEC with one missing, one low and one in a tree.  This had Bruce, Katherine and I out early in the pre-dawn hours positioning ourselves and checking up on everyone that we could find.  Hawkeye was still in her tree by MEC 4 and with the rains coming she was due for a very wet day.  While we were watching her we noticed that she was holding her beak open slightly even when at rest.  Bruce and I both agreed that after her face plant into MEC 3 AND 4 the day before that one of those bonks may have sprained or damaged a portion of her beak.  We decided that keeping a close eye on her was in order and if she came to ground again we would be looking closely at her features and deciding whether a vet consultation was needed.  Ieva was still nowhere to be found and Adrianna was no longer on the overhang at MEC 2.

Bruce set himself up under the overhang next to 4 so that he could continue to watch Hawkeye while I walked the perimeter of the other three buildings.  During my walk I was unable to locate Ieva or Adrianna at the base of any of the buildings. This meant that our girls were hopefully off the ground and somewhere,  it was now a matter of figuring out just where.  Another walkabout in the complex allowed us to discover Adrianna over on the west side of Hurontario.  She was vocal and active and looking none the worse for her trip over to her new location on Accenture. On one of his rounds Bruce noticed that Adrianna was no longer where he had been seeing her all day and he began to search the area for her new location. He found her over on the CIBC building across the street on the low ledge approximately three stories up.  Best part was that she wasn’t alone! On the ledge beneath the one where Adrianna had landed sat Ieva.  Both girls in sight and both girls safe, what could be better.

Back to Hawkeye. She remained in the tree for the entire day sitting out the rains as best she could. She was absolutely drenched. She moved throughout the tree repositioning several times but never once made a move to fly.  Her beak remained open in the position just slightly a jar that we noted earlier but we were able to see her preen her feathers several times throughout the day.  When the rains rolled in they came in hard and both Adriana and Ieva got an incredible soaking; they were drenched and so was Bruce. He remained watching Hawkeye staying out of the rains as best as he could and every once in a while when there was a break in the rain he would get up and check on the two on the CIBC building.  Grace and Winston joined Bruce later in the day and the rain kept everyone settled where they were. The watched closed for the night at dusk with Hawkeye still in her tree and the other two girls at the CIBC.