Belated Update From MEC

June 15, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:
A huge thank you to Winston for continuing to check in on Josally and Olimar for us over at MEC. Although belated, I wanted to share Winstons observations of the boys from this past weekend.
The two boys at MEC are doing great. Josally is a few steps ahead of Olimar but as of Sunday evening, both are up and flying and even kiting together.
After Olimar’s night in the tree on Tuesday, he has managed to stay up at rooftop level ever since without needing a rescue. He doesn’t fly nearly as often as Josally and his landings are far more clumsy than his brother’s. With that said, Olimar is able to sustain altitude and maneuver in some serious wind. All week, but especially Sunday, was windy at MEC and MEC winds are hard to predict as they tunnel and swirl. Sunday was so bad that I had to seek shelter as the objects hitting my face were getting in all the wrong places. Even the flag on MEC1 ripped. Olimar’s skill in flight is in contrast to his awkward landings. He doesn’t attempt to land on irregular objects unless that object is his brother. The good news is that all his landings are slow enough to mitigate risk of injury.
Josally  on the other hand never had the set backs of his brother so his success has not been retarded. He regularly lands on the Desjardins sign and is much more frequently seen going for short trips around MEC3 and between 1 and 3. I caught him double checking how beautiful he was in the window. Until Olimar figures out his landings, I will still be checking in on MEC but both birds are progressing nicely.

MEC Boys Doing Great

June 12, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

As of Tuesday we had to switch gears and move down to the Islington Bloor site for full time watching leaving MEC in the capable hands of Grace and Winston. We left off with Josally flying like a pro and Olimar catching up quickly. On Tuesdat morning Olimar had flown over to the CIBC lower roof on the west side of Hurontario and his following flight was m ant to get him home. He flew up just short of the ledge and had to circle back losing elevation as he went. He flew towards MEC 4 and fluttered down into a tree where he spent the night getting rained on. By the next day Winston reported that he had made it back up to a window well on MEC 3 and was safely reunited with his brother. Subsequent spot ch CDs had both boys flying well with Olimar still a bit shaky on his landings but at least making good choices.

Bothe Josally and Olimar are well on their way under the watchful eyes of Midnight and Renegade.  We will continue to check in on them and provide you with updates.  Thank you to Bruce, Winston, Margaret and Grace for  keeping an eye on the kids this year.  Excellent job everyone!

MEC Boys Doing Well

June 07, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Tracy Simpson Reports:

With the MEC boys doing fairly well Bruce has moved down to the foursome at the Islington Bloor Centre and Grace is taking over monitoring the MEC boys. Updates on their progress to follow.

Josally Continues to Impress at MEC. Olimar Catching Up.

June 07, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

MEC Fledge Watch

Jun. 6/2016:

5: 15 AM-  Arrived at site and set up.  Only one  juvenile seen on side of 3. One adult scene on corner of Nest building.

5:50 AM.- 2 juveniles seen on 3.

6:30 AM.- First juvenile. Flight of the day. Based on the fact I can’t give any style points for the landing. I believe this one was Ollie.  It appeared he was trying to fly from Ledge to Ledge, but then turn back to the building accompanied by an adult.  It was basically a “Hail Mary” landing.  I attempted to scope him, but he wouldn’t give me the color.

6:45 AM-  Whichever juvenile  flew became a moot point as the second juvenile flew over to the roof of the nest building.  This flight however was much more confident in the landing was better therefore again I didn’t scope him but I would say this was probably Josally

8:40 AM.- Bird from top of roof down to brother on ledge.

8:45 AM- Mom in with food to Oimar. Just before Josally decided to fly to 3 Robert Speck Parkway. There is a fairly strong wind and quite gusty.  This gave him a a little bit of trouble landing but I did confirm he had stuck the landing on the top corner of the roof.

9 :30 AM.- By this time, the wind picked up considerably and Josally headed back to the nest building where he introduced his face to the glass.  It wasn’t a real hard hit but he did turn around and head back to #3.  By this time he was followed by a parent and I believe it was the female. Because of the high wind she would not let him back to #1.  Instead, she foiled every attempt for him to get back and slowly worked him to back to over the top of # 3 and then forced him to land behind the walls on the catwalk.  This effectively shut him down from flying in the high winds and in fact it took about 3 hours for him to show himself.

9:45 AM.- As I was putting some things away in my vehicle on the Southside of number 3. I heard a juvenile and adult squabbling. When I look up I saw the female making sure a juvenile landed on the southwest corner of #3.  This was Olimar who also attempted a flight and Mom put him on the building to stop him from flying in the high wind.

12:30 PM- Josally finally extracted himself from the catwalk and flew over to #1 ledge, where he plopped down for a nap. Olimar was visible on the West Desjardins sign

5:30 PM.- Josally flew over towards #3 but then went around and out of my sight.  I eventually found him on the Southside of #3 at the roof level.  His brother had moved around the corner to the east side of #3.

Over the next hour they moved to various areas of #3.

6:45 PM- There were severe thunderstorm warnings. The first storm had an intense micro burst of wind that had to be around 100 kph.  It was so intense it was shaking the car also stripping dirt off the gardens.  By the time the storm hit. Josally had managed to work his way around to the Southside and therefore was fairly protected.  Olimar however, was on the exposed side and must’ve ducked into the window well because much to my surprise he was still were he started off.

7:45 PM. Winston arrived to relieve me, I briefed him and actually went down to the parking lot of #4 to confirm that Josally was still OK.  As I left, I texted Winston this fact.

Note:  This is my last full day here at MEC.  The boys will still be watched but by someone else as Grace was taking over days. As of tomorrow I head down to Bloor/ Islington.  This watch could be interesting as I have 3 girls and one boy.

Sunday Night at MEC. Go Josally!

June 06, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

CPF Volunteer Reports:

Tonight at MEC blue made 3 good short flights between 3 and 1. Landings were noticeably improved over yesterday’s clumsiness. He used his wings to slow himself upon approach to ledges and didn’t scramble once his feet touched the building. Dad brought in a nice sized meal after blue’s 3 flights, around 8pm, but only red got to eat as dad removed it after about 25minutes. Red did little more than hop a couple gaps.
Very windy tonight, less so when blue was flying, so not surprisingly on a full stomach red called it a day pretty early.
Both birds are tucked in on the window wells on 3 on the desjardins face like last night.


Sunday at MEC. Josally Doing Great and Olimar Needing to Catch Up

June 06, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

MEC Fledge Watch-Day 3.

June 5/2016

5:30 AM.: Arrived at MEC,  found one bird in the position Winston  last saw it.   The rain has ended  but still a little bit misty.

5:55 AM.: Adults in to nest ledge vocalizing.  This woke the kids up and pretty soon they were quite noisy.

6:05 AM.:  One of the adults ( I think the male) took out a starting over the parking lot and took it up to feed them.

7 :00 AM.- There’s been no flights by the juveniles in the last hour. However, they have been flopping around and currently one is out of sight around the corner.

8 :00 AM.- Juveniles split up on the northwest corner and decided to lay down.  Have only seen one since then. And then around 8:30, I saw a bird coming from the west. What got my interest is that as he soared and turned he sort of did  a wing flutter typically something the juveniles do. Anyway I did, I walk about but couldn’t find him.

10:00 AM: Finally both Juveniles popped up on the corner.  Adult Male also seen at same time.

5 :00PM- Finally, a flight by a juvenile, that had Josally doing a “Bat” On the wall about 2 feet above the Nest Tray. He let go and landed at the nest tray. Olimar is still on 3 Robert Speck Parkway.

It was a pretty uneventful late morning through to early afternoon.  Around 2 o’clock are so, Margaret came and gave me a second set of eyes  until around 4 o’clock.  An hour so before she left we had a series of thunder storms and strong winds.

5:00 PM- Finally. a juvenile flies.  I didn’t see it leave the building, but I caught it circling around and doing the bat maneuver just above the Nest Ledge height.  He then let go and flew on to the ledge.  When I scoped this juvenile it turned out to be the blue tape Josally that flew

6:00 PM:  Winston  showed up to relieve me, and  I updated him him and headed home for something to eat and go to bed.

MEC on Saturday Night

June 06, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

CPF Volunteer Reports:

Started off with both youngsters on MEC3 and ended the night with both on MEC3. They should be out of sight, in on the well, second well from the right on the Desjardins face of MEC3 in the morning.
Blue flew 4 times between 1 and 3 however Red did a bit of gap jumping but not much else. Blue also flew short distances from roof height to window/nest box levels on both 1 and 3. His flights were pretty good considering he fledged today. Kept altitude very well and landings were slow and safe although awkward. He did have a few minutes of doing the bat on 1 but flew to 3, over the roof, circled back to 1 and landed on the roof with only minor landing issues.
The adults proved that no meal sized bird is to fly at half the height of the MEC buildings. Two pigeons and a mallard were attacked but all escaped very close calls. Renegade did bring in a small food parcel a little after 6 but if it was shared by both chicks, neither could be well fed as that was the only food of the night.


MEC Boys on Saturday. Both Have Now Fledged.

June 06, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:


0515 AM-  Arrived & Set Up.  All birds in  same position as last night.

0540 AM-  Went through 15-20 minutes w/ activity from chicks.

0545 AM-  Some ” Feed Me” vocalization from  Josally and then everyone quieted down.

0615 AM- Adult Male out to S and actively hunting

0620 AM-     Adult returned  with food for Josally

0630 AM-  Adult off to north alarm calling then up to davit arm.

0730 AM- Olimar gets beak fed

0900 AM- Margaret joined me and spent about 3 Hrs.  During this time the chicks were mostly in the shade occasionally coming out and doing a little exercise, but always went back.

12:10 PM.- One of the boys got active for about 15 minutes and then settled back in the shade. Much to my surprise Olimar flushed his dad out from beneath the nest box.  I guess he thought it was a quiet place to rest in the shade without Midnight and the kids bothering him.

1:15 PM-  The female went ballistic alarm calling and joined by the male circled over the middle of  the  buildings.  My first thought was that one of the checks have flown.  I went to the rear of  MEC 3 and  with a little difficulty found both Josally and Olimar  At one point. the male was on the SW corner of the nest building and a female was on top of the nest box.

1:45 PM- Did another walk about but couldn’t find Josally on MEC 3. All the other birds were present on MEC 1. I concentrated on checking around the base of the buildings north of Robert Speck Parkway,( 1 and 3.) No luck. I went north and  I saw Olimar warming up.  As I came around the base of 1 Roberts Speck. I found much to my surprise Josally (Who had been hiding in the window well), but also Olimar who had fledged and  just flown over there as I rounded the back of the building.  The male was also close to Olimar so he would probably followed him over there.

3 :00 PM.- While the  2 brothers reacquainted themselves over at MEC 3 Dad  flew over and reclaimed his spot on the top of the nest box. And mom decided she’d almost run that Turkey vulture in the traffic on Hurontario.

5:30 PM-  As I was just finishing up my supper, and thinking I only had 5-5 1/2 half hours to go, who pulled up but Winston to relieve me. After explaining to him what happened over the last few days. I gratefully headed home to get some sleep.

Friday at MEC. Josally Doing Great!

June 04, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

First full day of fledge watch started at MEC today. I arrived at around 5:30 am and found Josally ( Blue tape) on top of the roof ledge closely watched by his father. Olimar (Red tape) was still on the nest ledge close to the nest box. Olimar is certainly ready for first flights as he is readily jumping the gap and flapping like mad.  Needless to say both adults stayed relatively close either perched on the window washing davit arms or on fairly close buildings.

Up until the later afternoon, most of the of feeding went to Josally who remained on the retaining wall of the nest building roof where he was released. Olimar did get occasionally fed small amounts. It was kinda funny because when Dad fed Josally was very aggressive.  He grabbed the food from him and quickly turned his back in a full mantle over it. Now when mom fed him he tried to fight her for it but instead ended up being beak fed, Mommy’s orders. Olimar had mastered ledge hopping, really more like ledge flying, quite well throughout the day. He also mastered jumping up on to the nest box and was very proud of the fact that he was on top and dad had to sit on the landing platform.

Just after 5 PM Josally saw his brother doing some ledge hopping and decided he wanted to play too.  He fluttered down from the roof and almost landed on his brother. He was back on the nest ledge level even though the landing wasn’t too pretty.  Just when I thought that Josally had mastered flight, I watched him slip, do the bat maneuver for about 5 minutes and frantically tried to get back up to the ledge that he was just a few inches away from. When that didn’t work, he let go and flew over to the northwest corner of MEC 3. Please don’t ask me to score his landing as I think he was trying to land on the top level, but instead pancaked into the wall and dropped down to the ledge below. I still have to give him credit, as clumsy as he seems to be, he does seem to think through the situation and is able to keep calm and react in the right way.

Around 9 o’clock Olimar seemed to go out of sight in the box and I was able to check the camera and it appeared he was laying down. Josally was quite comfortable in his spot over on MEC 3 under the sign.  Renegade took up position on the southwest corner of the nest building for the evening and even though I didn’t see Midnight in my view, I decided to call it a night at about 9pm

!!! MEC First fledge, rescued and successfully released back to it parents - Y over 23

June 03, 2016 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

June 2nd - 2016

With the successful release of little Josally (Y over 23) to the upper rooftop of MEC #1 under the cover of darkness last night, Bruce reports early this morning that both of the resident adults have been attending to him at first light this morning and all is well! :-)

No worse for ware, (but a little confused about the whole situation), the feisty little peregrine showed lots of attitude and charged me during his release!!
Watch out for this little guy, he’s got the attitude of a lion!!