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Comments on our presentation

The value of the visit is immeasurable and I would highly recommend this experience.  The children are continuing to ask questions and their parents have remarked about the interest level at home.  (Dr. M. Bullock, Principal, Saint Peter Catholic School, Kingston ON)

Eyes and minds were opened in a way that doesn't happen enough at school these days.  (Mr. Shaw, Grade 5 Teacher, Walter Scott Public School, Richmond Hill ON)

From all reports, the presentation was amazing.  Teachers and students alike told me it was "awesome", "amazing", and "totally cool".  The one that I was able to see was spellbinding.  The students were held in silent awe for almost an hour.  (D. Prince, Vice-Principal, Greenbriar Public School, Bramalea ON)

I highly recommend this presentation to other schools.  Our students have been talking about it all day long.  (B. Vardy, Principal, Rousseau Public School, Ancaster ON)

The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, and they learned a surprisingly large amount of information in a very short period of time.  The presenter seemed very comfortable in front of that particular age group, and he captured their interest for the entire length of the session.  I am thrilled that such wonderful programs are offered in our schools.  (C. Dykstra, Grade 6 teacher, Willow Road Public School, Guelph ON)

It was a very impressive workshop that was both educational and entertaining for both students and staff.  (S. Harris, Principal, Muskoka Beechgrove Public School, Gravenhurst ON)

  There was a good mix of theoretical and practical strategies in the presentation.  This approach managed to heighten awareness, evoke critical thinking and problem solving from children.  (Khris Singh, Principal, Discovery Public School, Maple ON)

The program brought science to life.  It provided our students with the opportunity to connect with the environment, discuss immediate issues, and raise the level of awareness.  Of interest to our staff was the high level of questioning that occurred during the presentations.  Our students were obviously very motivated and involved with the seminars.  (M. Nova, Vice-Principal, Elizabeth B. Phin School, Pickering ON)

It is our wish that every school population could enjoy and benefit from this program. Congratulations on your exemplary project!  (J. Nolan, Principal, Rick Hanson Public School, London ON)

The program offered by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation is one which has immeasurable benefits to young learners.  (J. Rashleigh, Principal, Grandview Public School, Cambridge ON)

No one wanted to go out for recess, a rare happening, especially in June.  Thank you so much for your contribution to the education of our students.  (C. Galpin, Teacher, Glen Shields Public School, Concord ON)


Comments on our presenters

Maya Basdeo (2002 - 2003):

  The presenter, Maya Basdeo, was very knowledgeable and answered students' questions effectively and with enthusiasm.  The presentation style was engaging and held the students' interest.  (Anne Sidnell, Vice-Principal, Duffins Bay Public School, Ajax, ON)

  Ms. Maya Basdeo was very informative, and she made the presentation very relevant to the children in our school.  She spoke to the children in a way that kept them focused, entertained and motivated.  (S. Genova, Grade 4/5 teacher, Victory Public School, Guelph, ON)

  Maya Basdeo did a wonderful job of presenting our students with a great deal of information, in an interesting and meaningful fashion.  She engaged that children well and held their attention from the beginning to the end of her session.  (J. Hambrock, Principal, Sir Ernest Macmillan Public School, Burlington ON)

  Maya has an excellent manner with the students and of course, with the falcon, and the students learned so much and were tremendously excited about learning more!  (S. Eaton-Davis, Principal, Central Public School, Burlington ON)

  Her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for this project were evident and contagious!  (C. Heaslip, Principal, Charlton-Savard Public School, Charlton ON)


Yves Fredette (2002):

  Nous avons remarqué la compétence des biologistes qui ont présenté l'information d'une façon fort intéressante, amusante et avec enthousiasme.  (M. Girouard, directeur, École St. Jules, Moonbeam ON)

  Les gens ont aussi remarqué la passion de présentateur face au travail qu'il faisait.  (L'équipe de l'école Ste-Anne, Hearst ON)


Marcel Gahbauer (1998-2001):

Marcel, the speaker who made presentations to two groups of our students, did a tremendous job.  Like any good teacher, Marcel had a well-developed rapport and easy manner with the students.  They felt comfortable in asking questions and Marcel was very knowledgeable in responding to queries.  (W. Baker, Principal, Maple Avenue School, Burford ON)

 The conservationist answered questions well and his tone with the students made everyone feel that they were a part of the solution in terms of helping peregrine falcons as well as the environment.  (L. Gretsinger, Vice-Principal, Princess Margaret Public School, Niagara Falls ON)

I sat in on one of the presentations, and was most impressed by the young man who was responsible for sharing his love and knowledge of this beautiful bird.  (D.G. Smith, Principal, Howard Robertson Public School, Kitchener ON)


Bill Green (1999-2000):

Bill's presentation was very good - the use of multimedia, his sense of humour, his voice, and pace of the presentation were very good and well-received by the audience.  (D. Lane, Principal, John Darling Public School, Kitchener ON)


Kelly Harker (2001):

The content of the presentation plus the method of delivery (i.e. short video presentation, directed questions and the peregrine itself) was extremely effective.  Students were riveted to the presenter.  Students learned a great deal about the peregrine and found the presentation enjoyable.  I have seen many presentations over the past 30+ years in education and I would have to rate your foundation's presentation near the top if not the best.  The presenter, Kelly Harker, showed an excellent teaching approach.  (T. Purser, Principal, St. Denis School, St. Catharines)

Kelly was an excellent representative, thorough in her explanation, patient and taught the children in a manner easy for them to understand the concepts and information.  (Stinson Street School Staff, Hamilton ON)


Amy Mui (1999-2002):

Amy, the speaker, had a relaxed, intelligent way of talking to the children and was obviously very knowledgeable about the subject.  Her presentation was full of information about the environment, the food chain and endangered species, which directly related to the current science curriculum.  She answered questions in an informed manner and even incorporated some humour into her facts.  We admired the way in which she handled Scotty with obvious care and respect, which is such a positive example for children.  (V.J. Blythe, Librarian, Sir Edgar Bauer Catholic School, Waterloo ON)

The group of 100+ students were enthralled with Amy's presentation style.  She was knowledgeable, informative, and interesting.  The students all learned a lot and appreciated the style they learned it in.  (G. Specht, Teacher, Champlain Public School, Burlington ON)


Mark Nash (1999-2001):

The students and staff of our grades four to six classes were immensely impressed with the fantastic presentation conducted by Mark Nash and Pablo on behalf of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.  The information and the manner in which it was presented were extremely useful in helping the students understand the relationship that the falcon has with the environment and also now human beings must respect all forms of life and be protective of species like the falcon.  (B.W. Perkins, Vice-Principal, F.D. Roosevelt Public School, London ON)

Mr. Nash himself was very comfortable with the students and tailored his vocabulary to suit the needs of the grade level.  His "classroom management" techniques were excellent, and allowed the teachers to enjoy the presentation without constantly policing the group.  (M. Hebden, Grade 5 teacher, St. Mary School, Elora ON) 


David Pfeffer (2000-2002):

The students were captivated by David's expertise.   He portrayed an excellent teaching manner, encouraging students to reflect, respond, and question.  He adapted his questions and discussion to suit his audience, relating the material to the curriculum. (Hillcrest Public School Staff, Woodstock ON)

David's presentation style combined with astounding factual information kept everyone in rapt attention.  (Mrs. Shipley, Grade Four Teacher, Codrington Public School, Barrie ON)

Both David Pfeffer and Qetesh were outstanding in their ability to teach Canadian science.  (S. Kalil, teacher, Bishop Macdonell Elementary School, Cornwall ON)

The presenter, David Pfeffer, was wonderfully enthusiastic.  He responded appropriately to student questions and helped to really develop a keen interest on the part of his whole audience.  (P. Pezzack, Teacher-Librarian, Robert J. Lee Public School, Brampton ON)


Tracy Simpson (2001-2002):

On October 12, Tracy Simpson made a wonderful presentation to approximately 280 students at River Oaks School.  I use the word 'wonderful' not only because of my feelings about the program, but most of all, for the way the students responded.  During my session, they were completely focused and interested in the information Tracy so thoroughly gave.  Since that time, there have been many references to peregrines during discussions, so I know the children have retained the 'key messages'.  (J. Eberspaecher, Teacher, River Oaks Public School, Oakville ON)

Tracy's knowledge and caring for peregrines, and wildlife in general, certainly struck chords with many of our students and staff.  (L. Silcox, Principal, Conestogo Public School, Conestogo ON)


Gilik Tsultrim (2002):

  J'ai apprécie le travail qu'a fait l'interprète pour faciliter la compréhension, auprès de nos élèves, face au contenu.  (S. Girouard, Directrice, École Jeanne-Mance, Kapuskasing ON)


Comments on our birds

When Ariel spread her wings and displayed some of her capabilities, it was a living example of nature's complexity and how we, as a society, must guard it.  (Mrs. Shipley, Grade Four Teacher, Codrington Public School, Barrie ON)

The highlight, of course, was when students got to meet the live peregrine falcon -- all eyes were transfixed on the magnificent wonder of nature and you could see students coming to the understanding that this species is endangered.  (L. Gretsinger, Vice-Principal, Princess Margaret Public School, Niagara Falls ON)

It was a day that the students in grades 4 and 5 will never forget as they were completely enthralled with the presentation, but more specifically with Scotty himself.  His squawking and wing flapping had them all in awe.  (Mrs. Swift-Peters, Vice-Principal, Agnes Taylor Public School, Brampton ON)

The children were fascinated to see and learn about the falcon.  Bringing nature into the school is the best kind of learning experience.  (L. Taylor, Principal, Nelles Elementary School, Grimsby ON)

The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting Oscar, the peregrine who was brought out for them to see.  There is really nothing to compare to a live creature for capturing children's attention.  (L. Hill, Grade 6 Science Teacher, Abbey Lane Public School, Oakville ON)

The bird was the focus of attention and a real ambassador for the environment.  (R. Douglas, Principal, Wilton Grove Public School, London ON)


Comments on our support materials

The instructional materials and video left for the school library are a wonderful addition to our collection - and our hottest item these days.  We even had parents in to watch because they had heard the morning sessions were so amazing!  (L. Gretsinger, Vice-Principal, Princess Margaret Public School, Niagara Falls ON)

The print resources that you were kind enough to leave with us are also very useful and informative.  A number of the sheets were copied and used by teachers in their follow-up activities.  (R. Spackman, Principal, St. John's-Kilmarnock School, Breslau ON)

The student's guide to Ontario's Endangered Wildlife gave teachers graph exercises, diagrams, pictures and worksheets as follow up to your visit.  (B. Sandiford, Principal, Roy H. Crosby Public School, Markham ON)

Resource material left for the school, a video entitled "Life on the ledge" and 25 copies of the "Student's Guide to Ontario's Endangered Wildlife" were very helpful in assisting teachers and students alike in further studies during the weeks to follow the visit.  (D. Lanz, Principal, Central Park School, Dundas ON)

The video was easy to follow and "hooked" kids interest.  It provided good background on the peregrine as an endangered species.  (M. Snyder, Principal, Southridge Public School, Kitchener ON)

The video was especially helpful in educating the children in the importance of protecting endangered species.  (I. Caputo, Chairperson, Braeburn School, Etobicoke ON)


Comments on how our program supports
the Ontario Curriculum

The presentation covered part of the Grade Six science strand of Diversity of Living Things and also the Grade Four science strand of Habitats and Communities, in a clear and concise way.  The information was imparted in an interesting and engaging manner that kept the students' interest, but also allowed them to ask questions that facilitated discovery. (Kerri Schultz,  Garrison Road Public School, Fort Erie ON)

Teachers were able to use the detailed curriculum material distributed for introductory and follow-up lessons since it meshed so well with the Ministry curriculum expectations.  (S.E. Faulkner, Principal, Fairfield Public School, Amherstview ON)

Your program was excellent and touched on the curriculum for Habitat and The Diversity of Living Things in a very "real world" way.  (S. Irving, A.R. Kaufman Public School, Kitchener ON)

The video and resource guide which were donated to the school as a part of the presentation will be a great asset when teaching the Science curriculum units "Habitat", "The Diversity of Living Things" as well as "Birds".  (J. Jespersen-Chard, Wilson Avenue Public School, Kitchener ON)

  The connections to the Ontario Curriculum, Science and Technology made the demonstration lesson relevant and worthwhile.  (P. Panetta Reinhardt, Principal, Cordella Avenue Public School, Toronto ON)

Everything Kelly talked about fit in so nicely with our Grade Four Life Systems strand of the Science and Technology Curriculum.  (Mrs. Marjorie Brown, Teacher, Dickson Public School, Cambridge ON)

The presentation enhanced the Science and Social Studies curricula thereby allowing the students to gather greater insight and their role as consumers and citizens of the future. (F. Venditti, Principal, St. Andrew Catholic School, Etobicoke ON)

The presentation was informative, interesting, and our students loved "Ariel".  The ideas fit in with the delivery of our units on "Habitats and Communities" (Grade 4) and "Diversity of Living Things" (Grade 6).  (B. Vardy, Principal, Rousseau Public School, Ancaster ON)


Comments on the impact of Project School Visit

This brief visit by Mr. Pfeffer and Ariel had more impact on the boys and girls at Park School than any textbook, videotape or class discussion our teachers could have planned.  (K. Siamro, Principal, Park Public School, Grimsby ON)

  You and your colleagues should be congratulated for your efforts to provide our young learners with the knowledge and awareness needed to become advocates for our wildlife and our environment.  (Z. Villamagna, Principal, St. George's Junior School, Toronto ON)

  Vous avez tout à fait raison de concentrer vos efforts dans nos écoles, puisque c'est ici que les changements futurs sont possibles.  (H. Bourgeois, Directrice, École Jacques-Cartier, Kapuskasing ON)

I most highly recommend that this presentation be made in every school in Ontario!  It is that relevant, and that important.   (B. Patten, Principal, Centennial Public School, North Bay ON)

[The students] will remember this presentation much longer than our chalk-and-talk lectures.  Several students came up to me the next day to express fascination with the presentation.  You have, perhaps, enlisted some new workers for the task of preservation you have set your sights on.   (E. Collier, Cummer Valley Middle School, North York ON)

Getting students to see their neighbourhood as an ecosystem is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp, but with this presentation, the students were able to see that even a city is part of nature.  (Kevin Armstrong, Terry Mancinelli, Paul Nishijima, teachers, Eatonville Junior School, Etobicoke ON)

The presentation by your peregrine team was one of the highlights of the year for the school.  It was a delight to see the wonder in the eyes of the students as the falcon came to visit us here at our school.  This is the real purpose of education to bring the essence of our nature to each of the children within our system.  (K.G. White, Principal, Holy Family Catholic School, Kingston ON)

The students of Byng Public School gained a greater appreciation for the effects of human actions upon wildlife and the environment.  The impact of seeing a live endangered species will last a lifetime.  The students learning was evident in the discussions that took place back in their classrooms.  (J. Larmer, teacher, Byng Public School, Stayner ON)

I know that our students will now make the right choices about environmental issues.  It means so much more when we are able to see an example of how the changes in society can destroy and what we can do to make a difference.  (N. Cheluk, Principal, King George Junior Public School, Etobicoke ON)


Comments on our sponsors

We owe a debt of gratitude to Canada Trust who provided the funding support necessary to make this presentation happen.  It is reassuring indeed to know that in the busy corporate world there are leaders who recognize the importance of reaching out and helping organizations such as the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.  Our children are richer in their experience because of you.  (D. Payne, Principal, Roselawn Public School, Richmond Hill ON)

Please extend our thanks to Ontario Power Generation for their funding of this presentation at our school.  We  are fortunate to have benefited from their support.  (Anne Sidnell, Vice-Principal, Duffin's Bay Public School, Richmond Hill ON)

We take this opportunity to thank TD Canada Trust for without their sponsorship we would have missed this once in a lifetime opportunity.  It is through this sponsorship that the majority of our students learn to understand the importance of protecting our wildlife, and how our choices affect all living things around us.  It is our hope that TD Canada Trust continues to sponsor this program so that more people can be reached and educated as we were.  (F. Porcelli, Our Lady of Peace School, Maple ON)

  We would like to thank the T.D. Bank Friends of the Environment for their sponsorship of this invaluable school program.    (S. Genova, Grade 4/5 teacher, Victory Public School, Guelph, ON)

  Je veux aussi féliciter TD Canada Trust et "Friends of the Environment Foundation" qui jouent un rôle essentiel dans la préservation de cette espèce unique au Canada.  (J. Beausoleil, Directeur, École Saint-François-Xavier, Mattice ON)

We are grateful that Ontario Power Generation sponsors this valuable program and are pleased to offer a donation on behalf of our school to help promote the continuation of these visits.  (K. Brown, Principal, Lester B. Pearson Public School, Ajax ON)

Please extend our thanks to the sponsors of this program, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  Partnerships such as this one allow our students to learn about key environmental issues in a more meaningful way.  (M. Pyett, Principal, Our Lady of Fatima School, Brantford ON)

Thank you for making this program available to our students and to schools in general.  It is certainly a worthwhile endeavour and will foster awareness of the value of life in years to come.  (Deborah A. Zabloski, Principal, St. Anne's Catholic School, Cornwall ON)

By sponsoring this project, you are helping us in our quest to educate children about their environment and prepare for a sustainable future.  (J. Smith-Brodie, Teacher-Librarian, Princess Elizabeth Public School, Orangeville ON)

On behalf of all those who attended the presentations, I would like to thank Trans Canada Pipe Lines for sponsoring the school visit.  Without their generous contribution opportunities such as this would not be possible. (Alison Fraser, Grade 5/6 teacher Rideau Public School, Concord ON)

Comments from the students we have met

The Peregrine Falcon was really beautiful.  I thought it was cool how you grabbed our attention about something interesting and slipped in the educational stuff.  (Kelsey, Arthur Carty Public School, London ON)

 I didn't really like owls and bird-related things but maybe it was because I didn't know a lot about them.  I expected the presentation to be boring but it was very interesting.  Thanks!  (Grade 7 Student, Woodbridge Public School, Woodbridge ON)

Learning about the Falcons is good because you can help the Falcons live a healthy life in their habitat.  (Haneen, Grade 6, King's Road Public School, Burlington ON)

We appreciate you teaching us about DDT, the food chain, and the falcon itself.  We think it was very neat and interesting.  (Michael, Grade 6, Alloa Public School, Brampton ON)

We raised $106.00 from a bake sale to donate to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.  We were lucky to have some people from your organization come to our school with "Scotty" the Peregrine Falcon.  We thought that he was absolutely beautiful and we wanted to help save this endangered species.  We hope in a small way that we have helped to save this endangered species from extinction.  (Mrs. B. Reid's Grade 4 Class, Meadowlane Public School, Kitchener ON)

I think these presentations are important because it keeps us aware or up to date on our animal life and also because it tells us things that we can do to prevent things like animals from becoming endangered.  (Kristy, Grade 6 student, Mount Albion Public School, Stoney Creek ON)

I thought this presentation was very educational and interesting.  It gave us a lot of information in 40 minutes, that would take a lot longer to find in a book.  (Grade 6 student, St. Timothy Separate School, Mississauga ON)

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